Integrated and intelligent

Today customers expect a fast, sustainable, and cost-effective delivery.

Are you Future Ready for the post-pandemic world?

The boom in e-commerce and the need to reduce the health risks for employees and customers lead to the introduction of new technologies in the logistics industry. How to ensure business continuity and seize the opportunity to transform?

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Customer focus and an integrated supply chain are key for sustainable delivery


For managing the flow of goods from the point of departure to the destination – in a timely, sustainable, and reliable way – digital logistics transformation is the answer for disruptive business challenges.

In a global world supply chains are becoming ever more complex and tightly managed, also new technologies and uses of technology in logistics increase the expectations on companies.

Whether you are looking at the challenges of a globally integrated supply chain, or at the new data related Industry 4.0 technologies for streamlining operations, the way in which you turn data to actionable benefit is critical. This is how you get the most out of technology in the logistics and postal sectors.

Innovation is essential, and as an experienced innovator in transport and logistics, Atos is ready to help you reap the benefit of the new digital logistics landscape. We will help you develop intelligent supply chains with data enabling solutions and Logistic 4.0 technologies; and we will help you turn data in action for improved business output.


¾ of all freight will continue to be carried by ships in 2050.

Bringing Intelligent Supply Chains to Industry 4.0


Digital disruption in the supply chain is here. Are you going to be digitally disrupted or a digital disrupter?

Atos and Siemens bring you Intelligent Supply Chain, a unique offering combining the strengths of Siemens AX4, Siemens MindSphere and our Codex Connected Intelligence offerings.

With Intelligent Supply Chain solutions, you can, for example, track your logistics operations with precise predictions of vehicle arrival time, optimize routes for smart manufacturing processes, forecast production demand and simulate complex supply networks.

Smart Connected Vessels


Better understand the technical status of each vessel, predict maintenance operations, benchmark fuel consumption and optimize turnaround time thanks to an innovative open ecosystem established by a leading maritime vessel operator, Atos and Siemens.

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Digital Hybrid Cloud for Logistics


Ensuring your digital infrastructure is fit for the future of Logistics

Today’s customers demand faster deliveries, they want to be rapidly presented with alternatives in case of problems and they want to be kept informed in real-time. The competitive landscape is changing fast and logistics organizations need to adapt and disrupt to stay in the game.
The Digital Hybrid Cloud is part of the next-generation architecture for future-fit logistics players  who want to Seamlessly manage their logistics operations to maximize order fulfillment and reduce costs while adapting to business disruptions and changes in the supply chain. Digital Hybrid Cloud is the agent for flexible, scalable change when it comes to simplifying, optimizing and enabling new digital technologies and applications to drive business success. We put cloud at the core of your IT, which ensures all your cloud platforms and cloud services align to your business strategies to create maximum value.

With our Digital Hybrid Cloud solution, we enable logistics organizations to move even the most entrenched technology applications to the cloud.

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Forrester whitepaper: “Hybrid Cloud: The New Normal”

In the past 2 years, organizations have increasingly moved toward using multiple public and private cloud providers in a hybrid model. The study looked at those using hybrid today (71% of respondents) and those planning on adopting hybrid within the next two years (29% of respondents). This study yielded several important recommendations for enterprises – download the whitepaper to find out more.

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Customer transformation challenges

Separation dash


We see digital transformation of logistics from four perspectives.

Customer experience

How can digital engagement make delivery quickly and reliable?

Operational excellence

Can you increase agility and reduce cost through more extensive integration across the logistics eco-system?

Business reinvention

Need to find new business opportunities and alliances?

Trust and compliance

How do you ensure physical and digital security for your customers and staff in an increasingly connected world?

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