Ready to become integrated, sustainable and disruptive?

Digital transformation is the answer to become integrated, sustainable and disruptive

Atos provides logistics solutions that:

○ Provide seamless customer experience and safety
○ Ease inventory and pricing during unpredictable times
○ Improve logistics operations and workplace management

○ Enhance fleet management operations to boost on-time delivery ​
○ Optimize transparency and visibility of tracking goods and vehicles
○ Ensure sustainability and decarbonization

Our work with clients

Global logistics company

A leading U.S. logistics firm was hampered by an old, decentralized billing system that desperately needed modernization. Atos helped retire the legacy system and build a modern, billed data repository platform projected to manage 1.3 million invoices daily and save $5 million in costs per year.

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Key business solutions for logistics and postal organizations


Front-End Engagement

Data Management Platforms

Benefit from our intelligence platform that uses data insights to improve the customer experience across all touchpoints

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Smart Data and Application

Benefit from the latest mobile, smart store and AI technologies

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Mobility Services

Develop additional services with new platforms and marketplaces

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Intelligent Supply Chain

Make your supply chain smarter, more sustainable, and resilient

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Fleet and Carrier Services

Fleet and Asset Management

Optimize vehicle management using IoT technologies

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Edge Computing for Maritime

Optimize ship performance and energy consumption

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Intelligent Transport Process

Boost visibility and reliability with integrated, intelligent logistics 4.0

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Fleet Visibility and Insight

Gain full visibility of vessel performance and insight into your fleet operations

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Freight and Logistics Value Chains

Postal and Sorting Operations

Capture, transmit, and leverage data to boost productivity​

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Tracking and Tracing

Fight issues related to counterfeiting, smuggling and tax fraud with innovative technologies

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Business and technology enablers for logistics and postal organizations

Data Analytics

Enable and benefit from complex and immediate transport analytics

Application Management

Keeping transport applications at peak performance

Digital Transformation

Envision and implement sustainable digital infrastructure for transport

Cloud Transformation

We can help you wherever you are on your journey to cloud


Reduce carbon-intensity and achieve net-zero

Cyber Security

Managing all aspects of compliance and cybersecurity in logistics

Customer Journey

The quality of the physical journey and the digital journey are now inseparable

Smart Connected Vessels


Better understand the technical status of each vessel, predict maintenance operations, benchmark fuel consumption and optimize turnaround time thanks to an innovative open ecosystem established by a leading maritime vessel operator, Atos and Siemens Energy.

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Intelligent Supply Chain


Are you going to be digitally disrupted or a digital disrupter? With Intelligent Supply Chain solutions, you can track your operations with precise predictions of arrival time, optimize routes, forecast production demand and simulate complex supply networks.

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Atos OneCloud for logistics


Building your cloud forward future in logistics

Atos takes away the pain of managing hybrid and multi-cloud complexity, helping logistics organizations focus on digitalizing the things that matter most. Atos cloud orchestration and management provides a set of digital services and solutions designed to make it easier to visualize cloud consumption & performance, apportion cost to the right business unit or project, ensure the right cloud capabilities are used for the right job, and provide visibility into how apps are performing to improve user experience (UX).

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Logistics insights


Roll Container Management as a Service

Introducing our new solution: Roll Container Management as a Service.


Roll Container Management – increased efficiency through optimal utilization

Let us introduce our new solution Roll Container Management and we will show you how you can transform CapEx into OpEx.

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Dynamic pricing for logistics industry

Learn about the art and science of dynamic pricing, find out more how organizations can provide competitive offers to their customers by balancing their supply with the prevailing market demand.


A new way to accelerate to net zero

It’s vital that, as a global community, we move urgently beyond low carbon, to no carbon. Changing a route or transport mode can make major contributions to your carbon reduction.

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