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Atos helps you deliver the best customer experience and create market disruption through digital transformation and technology innovation.

Create new digital experiences that stand out from the crowd


The experience of your customers can be the difference between being a high performing, profitable market leader or always being one step behind your competition. Is this something you are prepared to leave to chance?

As your trusted partner in Hospitality, Atos really understands your industry, making us the go-to partner to digitally transform your organisation, providing the very best customer experience and creating new, more flexible business models that drive revenue, increase efficiencies and reduce risk.

travellers use smartphones while travelling*

*A global survey by TripAdvisor

Digital revolution in the hospitality sector


The hospitality sector is changing for the better. Atos guides you through your digital transformation to maximise your customers experience.

Challenges and solutions associated

Separation dash

We analyse your business’ performance and deliver innovative digital transformation solutions for you to meet the changing needs of your customers. Atos helps you tackle transformation challenges, improving efficiency to fund these technology investments, making it a sustainable solution for your business.

Customer experience

Atos helps you digitally transform your business, giving you the ability to delight your customers.

Operational excellence

We help you turn your data into actionable insights that deliver a direct return on investment.

Business Transformation

Atos helps you create new business models and operational efficiencies to increase revenue, footfall, and reduce risk and cost.

Trust and compliance

We provide a wide range of security solutions to keep your customers’ data and systems secure.

AccorHotels – Using smart technology to maximize customer experience

“Atos demonstrated a solid understanding of our business needs and presented solutions that offer the flexibility, quality and security we require in a fast moving marketplace. We are confident that by working together we can further improve the experience for all our hotel guests.”

Laurent IDRAC, CIO of AccorHotels

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Atos OneCloud for Hospitality

Building your cloud forward future in Hospitality

Cloud is the agent for flexible, scalable change when it comes to simplifying, optimizing and enabling new digital technologies and applications to drive business success. We put cloud at the core of your IT, which ensures all your cloud platforms and cloud services align to your business strategies to create maximum value.

With Atos OneCloud, we enable hospitality organizations to move even the most entrenched technology applications to the cloud.

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Forrester whitepaper: “Hybrid Cloud: The New Normal”

In the past 2 years, organizations have increasingly moved toward using multiple public and private cloud providers in a hybrid model. The study looked at those using hybrid today (71% of respondents) and those planning on adopting hybrid within the next two years (29% of respondents). This study yielded several important recommendations for enterprises – download it now to find out more.




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