Bringing to life the unimaginable With advanced computing How quantum technology will revolutionize healthcare Learn more From genomic sequencing to drug research, the power of quantum could help address the major challenges faced by modern medicine relating to diseases whose secrets lie at cellular and genetic level.

Consultancy and digital solutions to improve clinical and medical research

Quantum, high performance computing (HPC) as well as edge computing assisted by artificial intelligence hold exciting, transformative potential for the life sciences sector.  Atos plays a leadership position in these areas as number one in Europe in HPC, and number one in the world in quantum simulation. Atos has a strong trajectory, collaborating with more than forty life science research organisations worldwide to apply these technologies in real world scenarios. Our conviction is that turning data into actionable insights is only possible by combining pioneering research with our technological expertise.

The Atos HPC, AI and Quantum Life Sciences Centre of Excellence provides the ideal ecosystem where advance computing technologies and experts are made available to research organisations worldwide with the goal of discovering fresh, innovative solutions.

$985.3 million

the median R&D investment to bring a new drug to market

Source: T3advisors

Research key challenges

Accelerate scientific breakthroughs >

Accelerate scientific breakthroughs

Transform innovative ideas into real life solutions by digitally modelling processes and simulating scenarios to efficiently shift work from laboratory to computer.

Enhance research efficiency >

Enhance research efficiency

 Explore the power of artificial intelligence algorithms and co-create solutions to make the most of big data and test hypotheses with quantum computing.

Co-creating innovation >

Co-creating innovation

Allocate appropriate resource for the workload and time-period, benchmark technologies across scenarios and integrate technologies to industrialize your business.

Research and life science solutions

Unleash the value of quantum computing

Opening up new possibilities that transform the way information is processed

Accelerate your workflows with high performance computing

Tackling the world’s largest problems

Atos OneCloud for healthcare

Centralizing processes and delivering innovation through the cloud

Cybersecurity in healthcare

Protecting highly sensitive data and securing employee access to applications

Decarbonizing healthcare and life sciences

Guiding your decarbonization journey to improve efficiency and reduce costs

Life Science Centre of Excellence

The HPC, AI & Quantum Life Sciences Centre of Excellence is an initiative to bring leading edge technologies closer to life sciences projects with the goal of discovering fresh, innovative solutions. It was launched in July 2020 and is currently operating remotely due to covid restrictions. The Centre is located at the Wellcome Genome Campus, home to some of the world’s foremost institutes and organizations in genomics and computational biology.

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Customer Story

The National Center for Genomic Analysis (Spain)

Spain’s National Centre of Genomics Analysis (CNAG) sequences over 800 gigabases per day, the equivalent of sequencing eight full human genomes at 30-fold coverage. To achieve these important goals CNAG relies on Atos HPC to process large volumes of data to conduct quick, accurate analysis.

Read the customer story > 

Customer Story

The Pirbright Institute (UK)

Atos supercomputer with Intel processors enables Pirbright to analyse and collate the broad range of datasets generated by their research projects with the aim of reducing the impact of viral diseases in both livestock and people

Read the customer story > 

Customer Story

Virtual University of Senegal

Senegal’s UVS uses Atos’ BullSequana Intel-based supercomputer to evaluate impact of COVID-19 containment measures

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Customer Story

National Centre for Biotechnology (Spain)

The Biocomputing Unit at the Spanish National Center for Biotechnology (CNB), part of the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), is using Atos’ supercomputing resource to produce a refined 3D model of the SARS-Cov2 spike protein to help in the development of a vaccine

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