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Digital empowerment brings people, business and technology together.

Digital already powers 30% of worldwide growth – and that’s before the real digital transformation has begun.


The way people work together – as colleagues and customers – would no longer be recognizable to time travellers from just a short generation ago. Our new world is hyper-connected; change is super-charged; machine intelligence is ubiquitous; and decisions are increasingly data-driven.
What if you could fast-track practical innovation in your business? The Atos digital transformation team will work with you to inspire new ideas and drive practical innovation.

Digital transformation consulting – structured, agile and inspiring

From Nestlé to Novartis, from Pearson to PWC, Atos’ 1,800 digital transformation consultants are helping visionary organizations step into a confident digital future. Supremely pragmatic, this is about making positive change happen: life is not an academic exercise.

Sector expertise

Leverage in-depth sector knowledge and innovation: a nuclear power station is not an educational publisher.

Boundaries and focus

In a super-connected world, focus matters: governance, marketing, customer experience and more.

More actions than words

You learn by doing, data is the raw material: play with it.

Models and metrics

Benefit from cumulative expertise, best practice and blueprints: measure (and pay) by results.

Full scope digital transformation perspectives

Atos has a pragmatic approach. We create a digital agenda around six core initiatives – designed to speed time-to-value. It spans strategy and experimentation through to transformation leadership and performance delivery.

The Atos approach combines business and technology expertise and accelerates the passage from idea to implementation.

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Customer Experience and Marketing

Redefine customer experience to boost loyalty, reduce cost-to-serve and streamline growth.

Digital Organization

Empower your organization and workforce to lead in a virtualized world.

Business Analytics and Data Science

Inspire innovation and generate new revenue and profit with analytics.

Digital Business Design

Envision a step-change in business and operational models to master new value chains for digital engagement and deliver.

Digital Technology Strategy

Ensure that technology strategy supports your digital strategy – becoming the foundation for success.

Governance, Risk and Compliance

Protect your brand, your reputation and your customers from regulatory or security breach.

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Boost digital innovation in cities and territories


Boost digital innovation in cities and territories

With Atos, local authorities can fully play their part as a catalyst for digital innovation, to build tomorrow’s smart cities.

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