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On the journey to the cloud, no path is the same. While some are dealing with the realities of legacy infrastructure, others are already well on their way with a hybrid or multi-cloud environment. The steps to progress on your cloud journey look different for every company. Atos OneCloud helps enterprises shape a cloud forward future.

Atos OneCloud is a ground-breaking initiative that blends cloud advisory consulting, application transformation expertise, prebuilt cloud accelerators, and innovative talents in an end-to-end set of services to help our clients navigate their cloud journey securely. Atos OneCloud modernizes enterprise applications to be agile, mobile, and rooted in analytics, across public, private, and hybrid cloud environments.

Industry Analyst and Advisor conference, 16 November 2020.

A unique set of 10 offerings in a powerful one-stop shop

  1. Industry specific Consultancy services to develop Cloud business solutions at scale
  2. Multi-Cloud orchestration across Private and Public, and across all major Public Cloud providers to maximize application migration and portability, lower operational costs, and ensure Cloud interoperability
  3. Highly standardized and automated management framework and architecture
  4. Next generation Private & Sovereign Cloud platform, ready to be deployed and managed in any datacenter, to ease the migration to the Cloud while ensuring compliance requirements are met around data sovereignty and security
  5. Cloud Application Development and Modernization / Replatforming, including strong DevSecOps, allowing customers to accelerate business-critical applications’ time to market
  6. Cloud Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning to enhance business processes, create new solutions and monetize enterprise data
  7. World-leading Bare Metal solutions (high processing capabilities servers) to support non-virtualized business critical applications adjacent to the Cloud, to increase the breadth of consumable Cloud services
  8. World-class Cloud Edge & Far Edge solutions (local/field servers) combined with new 5G connectivity solutions ensuring secure and local processing and optimized bandwidth consumption
  9. Cybersecurity supervision services, allowing to operate and respond to Cloud native security controls and anticipate threats in a prescriptive vs predictive mode
  10. Decarbonization offerings guaranteeing year on year carbon footprint reduction of Cloud infrastructure, data and applications.

Creating your Atos OneCloud Plan

Most large organizations were not built in the cloud, which means they will be operating a hybrid technology suite for years to come. To address this need, Atos has invested in hybrid cloud capabilities that are now combined in a unique cloud forward program. Through a tailored approach, Atos will work with customers to offer:

Cloud Vision

How to leverage cloud to realize a digital future


Business-driven path of pragmatic, executable change

Execution Model

Continuous ideation, funding, end-to-end delivery and adoption


made possible by the cloud

Accelerated path
to your digital future

Maximum impact
on business success

Why Atos OneCloud?

Our capabilities and deep industry expertise uniquely position us to support customers as the world leader in operating hybrid and multi-technology application platforms. Our expertise is rooted in real-world experience designing and managing applications for thousands of customers and operating over 50 data centers around the world.

Atos cloud capabilities

Cloud Advisory & Adoption

leadership and framework to create new opportunities and solve challenges with cloud

Cloud Application Transformation

global center of excellence for the most critical applications, at scale

Cloud Data Analytics & AI/ML

supported by migration capabilities to cloud native databases

Digital Cloud Platforms

hybrid and multi-cloud capabilities across on-prem, private and public cloud

Digital Platforms for SAP

enabling continuous innovation and transformation with SAP on cloud

Datacenter Cloud Transformation

accelerating enterprise modernization through data center transformation

Atos differentiators


effort unlike any other, at the heart of our strategy


our cybersecurity expertise includes cloud native security

Edge / Far Edge

unique Atos offering in Edge hardware and 5G networks

Gaia-X Founding Member

deep understanding of future European cloud regulations

World-Class Leadership

MQ leader for DCO and Digital Hybrid Cloud

Our People

30,000 Application experts
10,000 Datacenter & Network experts
7,000 Cloud experts
6,500 Cloud certifications

Partner testimonies

Christian Klein,
Chief Executive Officer, SAP

Paul Cormier,
President & Chief Executive Officer, Red Hat

Jean-Philippe Courtois,
EVP & President, Global Sales, Marketing and Operations, Microsoft

Arvind Krishna,
Chief Executive Officer, IBM

Thomas Kurian,
Chief Executive Officer, Google Cloud

Michael Dell,
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Dell Technologies

Matt Garman,
VP Sales & Marketing, AWS

Atos OneCloud partners

Atos OneCloud is delivered by Atos in close collaboration with our world-class partner ecosystem including:

Insights to shape your cloud-forward future with Atos OneCloud Hub

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Cloud stories

Centrient Pharmaceuticals

Hybrid cloud-based SAP environment to enable efficiency and agility

Network Rail

Migration of all applications to a new digital private cloud

Northumbrian Waters

Migration of data processing and storage applications to the cloud

Texas DIR

Modernization of mainframe services

T Mobile

AI-powered chatbot to increase customer satisfaction

Willis Towers Watson

Cloud migration and digital workplace modernization

Build your cloud forward future

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