Demanding Digital

The Rise of the Digitally Discerning Consumer

Three strikes and you’re out!


A third of consumers say that a digital service failing is enough to negatively impact overall brand loyalty

The UK is becoming a nation of digitally discerning consumers.

In our new report, Demanding Digital: The Rise of the Digitally Discerning Consumer, we explore consumers’ and citizens’ attitudes towards and experiences of digital services across ten public and private sector markets.

Our research allows us to identify what drives them to embrace digital technology and what causes them to disengage.


Digital Personas: from Rapacious to Resistant

Rapacious: 18% of total >

Driven by convenience, they tend to be first to try a new application or service.

Receptive: 39% of total >

Happy to use digital services once they have explored all the options.

Reluctant: 29% of total >

Use digital services if essential but prefer engaging with people direct.

Resistant: 14% of total >

Use digital services if there is no other option.

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Demanding Digital – the rise of the digitally discerning consumer

Digitally discerning consumers are piling on the pressure. We explore what it takes to get the digital journey right.

Download the Demanding Digital Market Research Paper

What does it mean to be digital?

A visual journey through the vital statistics uncovered from our #DemandingDigital primary research report

It’s a question that every organisation needs to answer. Being digital used to mean just having a website, but in the modern age it means so much more. To gain a better understanding of consumers’ attitudes towards digital services we surveyed over 3000 people to see how they are now #DemandingDigital, with this video giving you an overview of the results.

Key topics – Demanding Digital

Three-strike rule

The majority of consumers give organisations just a couple of chances to get a digital experience right. Get it wrong and 33% said their opinion of the brand would lessen as a result.

Simple, not basic

Consumers have to feel that a new application or service makes things easier and faster for them. While 15% said they dropped off a digital service because it was too confusing, 8% blamed lack of depth.

It has to be relevant

Consumers expect digital services to be fit-for-purpose and regularly updated so they stay relevant. 8% expect information on digital systems to be updated around three times per week.

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Demanding Digital: Key facts infographic

The UK is becoming a nation of digitally discerning consumers and citizens.

Press Release

Three strikes & you’re out!

Digitally discerning consumers and citizens pile on the pressure, giving organisations few chances to get the digital journey right.


It’s time to understand the digitally discerning customer

Tom Swanson – Chief Digital Officer – Atos UK & Ireland

Digital Trailblazers and Laggards

So which industries are leading the way with the experiences they offer through digital services?

Digital Trailblazers

27%  placed online retailers at the top

Over two thirds (69.1%) of respondents would rate their online retail experience as either ‘good’ or ‘outstanding’

17% rated financial services and technology companies at the top

Over half of respondents rated their online financial services experience ‘good’ or ‘outstanding’

Digital Laggards

Less than 5% put the Police, Central Government, Local Government, Healthcare and Utility providers at the top.

A fifth say that their experience of digital from central (18%) or local government organisations (22%) has been poor

Only 17% would say their digital experience with the police was ‘good’ or ‘outstanding’

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