Quantum Computing leaps into the future

Quantum is opening up possibilities that will transform the way in which mankind processes information

With the increase in big HPC calculations in the areas of AI, material science and drug discovery, we are going beyond the current capacity of today’s supercomputers. Conventional IT has almost reached its limits.

A new computing power is emerging which will bring remarkable results over the next 5-10 years.

The limits of conventional IT

Moore’s Law – resulting in double the computation power – is now at a crunch point as transistors will stop shrinking every 18 months.

The first quantum revolution pioneered by Einstein, Heisenberg and Schrödinger among others, brought several major inventions to life such as superconductivity, transistors, lasers and fiber-optic communications.

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Quantum computing – a client’s view

From Oak Ridge National Laboratory

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How will quantum information benefit the world?

Ascent talks to world leaders in quantum research, Alain Aspect, Artur Ekert and Cédric Villani, about the intriguing and business-changing possibilities for quantum information.

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Quantum computing – limitless opportunities

Quantum technologies have brought about the second quantum revolution. From medicine to agriculture through to finance and manufacturing, quantum computing will impact many aspects of our lives. It will address the explosion of data generated by Big Data and the Internet of Things and it will generate major advances in deep learning and artificial intelligence.
Taking advantage of our expertise in HPC and cyber security, we are fully committed to this second quantum revolution.

Our commitment to Quantum Computing

Atos Quantum Learning Machine

In 2017, Atos launched the Atos Quantum Learning Machine, the highest performing quantum simulator in the world. We are at the cutting edge of this fast-evolving technology, which promises to power a new stage in business and economic development.

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Atos Quantum Scientific Council

In November 2016, Atos launched an ambitious program to anticipate the future of quantum computing and to be prepared for the opportunities as well as the risks that come with it: The Atos Quantum Scientific Council is made up of world-renowned quantum physicists and mathematicians.

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Atos announces world first in Quantum computing

Following on from the 4th meeting of the Atos Quantum Scientific Council held on Friday at its headquarters, Atos, a global leader in digital transformation, announces unprecedented simulation features in Quantum computing.


Gearing up for the Quantum Computing Paradigm Shift

By G. Lidbetter

“Classic” computing has grown up in a binary world of 1s and 0s. It has proved very effective in expanding the computational scale to excesses, something that the pioneers of the last century would have thought ridiculous. Nevertheless, the binary model does have its limits.


Software moves into the quantum spotlight

By C. Allouche

The basic principles of quantum computing and the physical challenges that it faces are well known. What is less understood is the critical role that quantum software has to play in the development of this new paradigm for computing.

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