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Navigating the waves of the digital 20s

The Digital Society Podcast

In a rapidly changing world, technological innovation is transforming every aspect of society. The pace of this change has only accelerated in the wake of COVID-19, disrupting long-established patterns of living and working.

As a leading designer and provider of digital services, Atos has been helping organisations navigate shifting landscapes for decades. But we’re not alone on this journey and, with technology more influential than ever, making sense of this change has never been more important.

The Digital Society Podcast, hosted by Kulveer Ranger, SVP, Head of Strategy, Marketing, Comms & Public Affairs, Northern Europe & APAC at Atos’, will bring together journalists, politicos and key policy influencers to discuss how technology will shape our lives going forward and how decision makers can work to ensure it benefits all citizens by helping us achieve things once thought unimaginable.

Episode 13 – Digital Society Podcast with Tom Tugendhat/Zeina Zakhour – How can we ensure resilience in the face of new cyber threats?

On this Digital Society Podcast, Kulveer Ranger is joined by Tom Tugendhat MBE MP and Atos’ Zeina Zakhour.

Episode Details – Tom Tugendhat/Zeina Zakhour

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Episode 12 – Digital Society Podcast with Varun Aggarwal – Understanding the Indian digital revolution

Varun Aggarwal has been Senior Associate Editor at The Economic Times (ETCIO) since February 2020, in this role he covers the latest business developments across India and the world.

Episode Details – Varun Aggarwal

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Episode 11 – Digital Society Podcast with Janine Hirt – The road ahead for digital banking

Janine Hirt is the CEO of Innovate Finance, the industry body representing the UK’s world leading FinTech sector. Having helped launch Innovate Finance in 2015 Janine took over as the organization’s CEO in 2021.

Episode Details – Janine Hirt

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Episode 10 – Digital Society Podcast with Rhiannon Williams – What Should We Expect from the Tech Sector in 2022?

Rhiannon Williams has been the Technology Correspondent for iNews since October 2016. She covers the latest news developments across all aspects of technology including online harms, AI and robotics. She also writes features, analysis, and reviews.

Episode Details – Rhiannon Williams

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Episode 9 – Digital Society Podcast with Damian Collins – How can regulators keep pace with digitization?

Damian Collins has been the Member of Parliament for Folkestone and Hythe since 2010. A leading voice in the debate around the impact of digitization, Damian was Chair of the House of Commons Digital, Culture, Media and Sports Select Committee between 2016 and 2019.

Episode Details – Damian Collins

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Episode 8 – Digital Society Podcast with Ben Spencer – What should we expect from COP26?

Ben Spencer is the Science Editor at The Sunday Times, leading the newspaper’s coverage of a range of issues related to science and innovation. Most recently he has been focused on the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and the run up to the COP26 Summit.

Episode Details – Ben Spencer

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Episode 7 – Digital Society Podcast with Elie Girard – Where next for secure decarbonized digital?

Appointed as Atos’ Global Chief Executive in November 2019, Elie Girard previously served as the company’s Deputy Chief Financial Officer, following spells at the telecoms giant Orange and the French Ministry for the Economy, Finance and Industry.

Episode Details – Elie Girard

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Episode 6 – Digital Society Podcast with Baroness Morgan – How is the Government’s approach to digital changing?

After first being elected in 2010, Nicky Morgan enjoyed a rapid rise to the top of Government, serving as Secretary of State for Education and later Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport.

Episode Details - Baroness Morgan

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Episode 5 – Digital Society Podcast with Darren McCaffrey – How digital is making and changing the news

Darren McCaffrey, one of the UK’s leading broadcast journalists, talks with Kulveer Ranger about how technology is disrupting the media landscape and the extent to which this is empowering local communities, traditionally left out of the national conversation.

Episode Details - Darren McCaffrey

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Episode 4 – Digital Society Podcast with Polly Mackenzie – How has lockdown changed our relationship with tech

In this episode of the Digital Society Podcast, Polly Mackenzie and Atos’ Kulveer Ranger discuss how lockdown has forced many of us to re-evaluate our relationship with tech.

Episode Details - Polly Mackenzie

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Episode 3 – Digital Society Podcast with Dave Coplin – How is Digital transforming the way we work?

Author and tech evangelist, Dave Coplin joins Kulveer Ranger on this Digital Society Podcast to discuss how digital is transforming the way we work.

Episode Details - Dave Coplin

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Episode 2 – Digital Society Podcast with Rt Hon Nigel Evans MP – How do we deliver digital democracy?

Veteran Parliamentarian and Deputy Speaker of the House of Commons, Rt Hon Nigel Evans MP joins Atos’ Kulveer Ranger for the latest Digital Society Podcast.

Episode Details - Rt Hon Nigel Evans MP

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Episode 1 – Digital Society Podcast with Rachel Sylvester – Government and Tech after Covid-19

Award winning Times’ Columnist, Rachel Sylvester joins Atos’ Kulveer Ranger for the first Digital Society Podcasts.

Episode Details - Rachel Sylvester

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