Tom Tugendhat/Zeina Zakhour – How can we ensure resilience in the face of new cyber threats? | Episode 13 – Digital Society Podcast

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On this Digital Society Podcast, Kulveer Ranger is joined by Tom Tugendhat MBE MP and Atos’ Zeina Zakhour.

Tom Tugendhat chairs the UK Parliament’s influential Foreign Affairs Select Committee. As Chair of the Committee Tom has helped drive the debate around British foreign policy and has established himself as one of the most respected voices on foreign and defence policy in British politics today.

Zeina Zakhour is Vice-president and Global Chief Technology Officer for Digital Security at Atos. Boasting twenty years of experience in the Cybersecurity field, Zeina has been named among the “100 fascinating Females Fighting cybercrime” and was recognized as a 2020 Cyber security leader by the Cyber Security Observatory.

As part of this podcast, Kulveer and his guests explore the changing nature of the cyber threats confronting the UK and the World at large. They also look at how national governments and large organisations are responding to these evolving threats and how business and policymakers are working together to build greater cyber resilience, as well as looking ahead to how cyber risks are likely to develop in the future.

Speaker - Tom Tugendhat MBE MP

Chair Select Committee on Foreign Affairs

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Speaker - Zeina Zakhour

Global Chief Technical Officer, Digital security, Atos

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Host - Kulveer Ranger

SVP, Head of Strategy, Marketing, Comms & Public Affairs, Northern Europe & APAC

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