Digital Vision: COP26

Accelerating to net zero and beyond



Later this year global leaders will gather in Glasgow for the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference, COP26. This event will be the most important milestone in the global fight against climate change since the Paris Climate Agreement was signed in 2015.

In the six years that have passed since the Paris Agreement was reached, it is fair to say that results have been mixed. While significant progress towards cutting emissions has been made, the pace of this change is far behind what is needed to avoid catastrophic climate change becoming a reality.

Clay Van Doren, Chief Operating Officer, Atos UK & Ireland

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Accelerating to Net Zero

COP26 is the moment to accelerate our efforts to achieve net zero by 2050. We can transform and future-proof our economies for the better by combining digitalization with decarbonization.

Slide Seizing the net zero moment Why we need to accelerate our progress towards achieving net zero. How digital is powering progress toward net zero Businesses large and small can now harness digital to make net zero a reality. Net zero can deliver commercial as well as social value. Unlocking new value across FS&I by accelerating the journey to net zero     Delivering on changing expectations  Changing attitudes are helping to drive action to deliver net zero.

Enabling Net Zero

Digital services are a key enabler of decarbonization, helping organizations digitalize and evolve, embedding decarbonization into their operations and processes that equip them for a low carbon world.

Slide To net zero and beyond: how digital transformation is redefining services How moving to cloud can be part of the journey to net zero. Shaping the clean energy future Why data and AI are essential to charting a path to net zero. Why accurate measurement is essential to achieving net zero. Why data is key to successful net zero transition Combining climate action with commercial sense How businesses are playing a critical role in the transition to net zero.

Expanding Net Zero Action

Businesses cannot just reduce the carbon footprint generated by their own immediate activities, organisations large and small must utilize innovative technologies to reduce emissions generated throughout their value chains.

Slide How digital twin technology drives industrial decarbonization Using digital to enable manufacturing to chart a path towards net zero. Roadmapping net zero transition Making the business case for accelerating action to deliver net zero.  Mobilised value chains to accelerate progress towards net zero. Working in partnership to expand the scope of net zero action How to forecast green energy production How we can innovate to balance energy production and consumption.

Toward a Net Zero Future

Achieving net zero means fundamentally transforming economies and industries, something which can only be achieved by deploying new technologies on an unprecedented scale.

Slide Building tomorrow’s city How our cities and communities will change in our net zero future. Embracing the new normal Explaining how new ways of working can enable net zero. Employing digital to overcome the next generation of decarbonization challenges. A shared vision for the future Decarbonization and the ‘race to Exascale’ Where advances in supercomputing can support the move to net zero.

Decarbonization: The view from Atos’ global industries

What can each industry do to accelerate decarbonization? Atos’ industry heads give their views…

Decarbonization: The view from Atos’ global industries

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Digital Vision: COP26

Accelerating to net zero and beyond

With contributions from Atos’ experts and senior figures in business and politics, this paper examines how organisations in every sector can embrace digital to accelerate progress to net zero targets and shape a sustainable future.

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Clay Van Doren
Chief Executive Officer, Atos UK&I and Northern Europe

Rt Hon Alok Sharma MP
President of the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference

Elie Girard
Chief Executive Officer, Atos

Adrian Gregory
Head of Financial Services & Insurance and Head of Atos|Syntel, Atos

Robert Vassoyan
Head of Healthcare & Life Sciences, Atos

Pierre Barnabé
Head of Manufacturing, Atos

Andrew Griffith MP
UK Net Zero Business Champion

Beth Howen
Head of Public Sector & Defence, Atos

Giuseppe Di Franco
Executive Vice President Atos, CEO Atos Italy

Jean-Philippe Poirault
Head of Telecom, Media & Technology, Atos

Kulveer Ranger
Global Head, Strategy & Communications for Financial Services and Insurance, and SVP Strategy & Communications for UK&I

Susan Aitken
Leader, Glasgow City Council

Roberto Cingolani
Minister for Ecological Transition – Italy

Julian David
Chief Executive Officer, techUK

Nikki Kelly
SVP Public Sector & Defence, Atos Northern Europe

Shannon Soland
Global Head of Infrastructure & Operations, Commercial & Vendor Management, National Grid

Tom Thackray
Director of Infrastructure and Energy, CBI

William Theisen
Chief Executive, EcoAct North America

Murli-Mohan Srinivas
Digital Twin Business Lead/Head Industry 4.0, Atos Germany

Sue de Wit
Senior Vice President Atos|Syntel UK&I and Chief of Staff Atos UK&I

Stuart Lemmon
Chief Executive, EcoAct North Europe

Franck Freycenon
Head of E&U Solutions, Atos

Rt Hon Anne-Marie Trevelyan MP
Minister for Business, Energy and Clean Growth, UK International Champion on Adaptation and Resilience for the COP26 Presidency

Mark Fox
Chief Executive, The Business Services Association

Albert Seubers
Director Global Strategy in Cities, Atos

Pierryl Massal
Global Head of Business Development and Customer Engagement, Atos

Jill Waters
Retail Director, NS&I

Sophie Proust
Group Chief Technology Officer, Atos

Nourdine Bihmane
Head of Growing Markets, Decarbonization and Marketing, Atos

Kulveer Ranger, SVP Strategy & Communications UK&I