Atos Business Transformation Services (BTS)

Partnering to deliver long term transformational change

Driving growth and profitable market leadership for our clients through fast-paced radical transformation, optimised operations and customer experience excellence.

Transforming organisations for the new digital age


Digitally-savvy consumers are now dictating the pace of business change across all industries.

Our digital-first solutions are designed to fuel growth through transformation. Our sustainable, cost-savings solution start and end with creating delightful, consistent and fulfilling experiences for the next generation of consumer.

of consumers expect to complete business digitally*

* Research from DocuSign April 2017 –

Top five UK business process services provider

We deliver long term customer excellence (CX), business growth, improved profitability, reduced operating costs, increased market share and reduced business risk for our clients.  We achieve transformational change through the unique combination of intelligent operations, digital technologies and deep customer understanding.

Deep customer insight and understanding

We are passionate about your customers.  Our unique and holistic CX solutions make customers the focus for all business activities.

Digital transformation at reduced costs

A two-speed approach that provides a digital wrapper to existing infrastructure, accelerating change whilst minimising disruption and up-front investment.

Automation with a human touch

Robotic Process Automation and skilled talent pool, that deliver operational services through a customer-centric approach.

Data driven analytics

Transforming data into actionable insight.

Atos and NS&I together pioneering business transformation – Case Study

‘Our outsourcing model has transformed our business into a modern and relevant financial services provider backed up by an operating model that is efficient and robust. The scale and complexity of the change achieved has been extensive yet we have delivered this transformation over the years through an effective partnership that seeks to innovate while maintaining service excellence.’

Mark Keene
Acting Director, Partnership, NS&I

View our NS&I Case Study

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Putting customers at the heart of your business.

Taking a customer-centric approach to Business Transformation Services (BTS) helps life and pensions companies to thrive.

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Vice President of Business Transformation Services in Financial Services

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