National Savings and Investments (NS&I)

Atos and NS&I together pioneering business transformation

Industry: Financial Services
Region: United Kingdom
Headquarters: London
Company size: 187 employees

“Our outsourcing model has transformed our business into a modern and relevant financial services provider backed up by an operating model that is efficient and robust. The scale and complexity of the change achieved has been extensive yet we have delivered this transformation over the years through an effective partnership that seeks to innovate while maintaining service excellence.

Mark Keene Acting
Director, Partnership

Atos & NS&I pioneering business transformation


Atos Business Process Services grows our clients’ businesses whilst helping them transform into more digital organisations, equipped to continually meet the disruptive impact of rapid technology innovation and changing consumer expectations.

NS&I is both a government department and an Executive Agency of the Chancellor of the Exchequer, and has been a critical part in raising cost effective financing for the UK government for 150 years. 25 million UK citizens have invested £147 billion in savings products with NS&I.

The challenge


  • Removing needless complexity and introducing new standardised and repeatable processes.
  • Shifting from a product-centric to a customer centric service, supported by a rationalised and more secure infrastructure.
  • Developing NS&I’s product offerings and channel strategy, supported by an ever-expanding and improving support network.
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The solution


  • Atos has trained all of NS&I’s staff including its Executive Committee in agile working to support the journey to a digital, customer centric business.
  • New NS&I business strategy. This aimed to balance the needs to customers, taxpayers, and the stability of the wider financial services sector.
  • Atos has upgraded NS&I’s entire core banking platform and supporting IT infrastructure supporting all 25 million NS&I customers.

Business benefit


  • Core business has grown rapidly too, from £102 billion in 2013 to £147 billion today.
  • Brand and reputation for Corporate Social Responsibility has been enhanced.
  • Over 250,000 customers subscribed to its new Premium Bond mobile app, shifted 92% of sales to digital channels.

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