Digital Vision: Digital Banking

Banking that’s smarter, greener, safer

Digital Vision: Digital Banking

Banking that’s smarter, greener, safer

Digital services are transforming the way we manage our money and the pace of this change is only accelerating. New technologies now mean established service providers can satisfy changing expectations from consumers and keep ahead of competition from new players in the sector. Find out how the digital transformation of banking is accelerating and what this might mean for the future of banking.

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Adrian Gregory, Global Head of Financial Services & Insurance, Atos

Digital Banking : Views from Atos’ global Financial Services & Insurance leadersThe Atos Expert View on Digital Banking: Smarter, Greener and Safer

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Digital transformation in Action: Atos in North America

Atos: at the heart of the digital transformation of North American banking.
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Decarbonizing through digital: business transformation at NS&I

Decarbonization and customer centricity driving the digital agenda at NS&I
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Blockchain is revolutionizing the banking sector

Blockchain, the who, how, where and when it can be applied to digital banking.

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Why banking is more vulnerable than ever – the cyber threats to defend against

The reasons why banking faces a higher degree of vulnerability
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Smarter Banking

How is digital transformation enhancing the banking experience for not only the banks but their customers too? We take a closer look.

Greener Banking

From decarbonizing operations to pioneering green finance, banks have a unique role to play in the transition to a net zero future, so what’s next?

Safer Banking

Safety and banking should always be synonymous. The digital world of banking creates new opportunities but new threats too – banks and their customers need to be protected.

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Digital Vision: Digital Banking

Banking that’s smarter, greener, safer

For banks, digital technologies offer new ways to serve customers and meet critical operational and market challenges. This paper examines opportunities for smarter, greener and safer banking at a time of rapid social and technological change.

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Adrian Gregory
Global Head of Financial Services & Insurance, Atos

Jo Deykes
Head of Financial Services and Insurance, Northern Europe, Atos

Shaji Farooq
Head of Financial Services & Insurance, North America, Atos

Jo Sevarts
Head of Financial Services and Insurance Central Europe, Atos

Serge Christin
Head of Financial Services and Insurance Southern Europe, Atos

David Mullins
Head of Global Financial Services and Insurance Industry Consulting, Atos

Kuldip Chiheru
Digital Banking Platforms Expert, Financial Services & Insurance, Atos

Carol Houle
Global Head of Consulting and Marketing, Financial Services & Insurance, Atos

Marcus Hughes
Managing Director for Europe, Coinbase

Andrew Dunmore
Managing Director, Financial Services, Maven Wave, an Atos Company

Frederik Kerling
Head of fintech, Atos

Sandra Ariza Molina
Head of Banking and Financial Services Sub-Industry Operations Financial Services & Insurance, Atos

Ben Murphy
Chief Digital Officer, Business Transformation Services, Atos

Chris Wilford
Head of Financial Services Policy, Confederation of British Industry (CBI)

Jill Waters
Retail Director, National Savings & Investments (NS&I)

Kulveer Ranger
SVP, Head of Strategy, Marketing, Comms & Public Affairs, Northern Europe & APAC

Matthew Evans
Director of Markets, techUK

Olaf Badstubner
Global Director Financial Services & Insurance, Atos

Nacho Gonzalez
Blockchain Research Line Expert, Research and Innovation, Atos

Franck Coisnon
Group Industry Director and member of the Scientific Community Financial Services & Insurance, Atos

Ian Cole
Group Industry Director, Financial Services and Insurance, Atos

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