Digital Society

Exploring the role of technology in a changing world

Digital Society

The Digital Society is here to stay

Advances in technology in the 2020s are set to dwarf the impact of earlier eras of innovation. This was already true before COVID-19 came into the picture, bringing with it radical changes to long-established ways of life; we are now witnessing ever faster rates of technology adoption as digital tools are called to the urgent task of enabling and connecting displaced families, communities and workplaces.

The huge social challenges posed by COVID-19 may well provide a tipping point in how humans interact with digital and come to define the #Digital20s. Atos’ Digital Society goes beyond the technical and theoretical questions surrounding a range of emerging technologies to explore how they will shape the societies we live in.

How are positive, powerful changes in digital technology impacting broader society?

Navigating themes including productivity, innovation, the ethics of AI, skills, digital infrastructure and sustainability, Digital Society takes a closer look at the real-world impacts of technology. We examine how digital has already reshaped our lives and how it can engage every part of society to drive the best outcomes for every citizen, no matter where they are or what they do.

As a leading global designer and provider of digital services, Atos is ideally placed for that task, ready to look to the next decade and contemplate how technology will further transform the ways we learn, work and socialise.

Digital Society Podcast

Navigating the waves of the digital 20s

The Digital Society Podcast brings together leading voices from the worlds of business, politics and academia to explore the impact technological change is having across the world.

Atos has been helping organisations harness the power of technological innovation for decades and now, with this podcast series, we are excited to be exploring the real-world impact of this in more detail than ever before.

The Digital Society Podcast, is hosted by Kulveer Ranger, SVP, Head of Strategy, Marketing, Comms & Public Affairs, Northern Europe & APAC at Atos

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Innovating Up brings together business, local partnerships and government at all levels together to explore how we unlock the potential of every area.

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