Digital Vision: Cloud

Getting clear on cloud strategy

From legacy to cloud-native


Six options for treating legacy in the cloud

The catalyst for agile enterprise

Across the public and private sectors, organisations are choosing cloud as the way to achieve the flexibility required to meet citizen and customer needs in the digital world. Yet the decision to move to cloud is just the start of an important, and sometimes complex, enterprise journey. Our Digital Vision: Cloud examines the realities of cloud today to help business leaders get clear on their cloud strategy.

Clay Van Doren, CEO UK&I, Atos

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Digital Vision: Cloud

Getting clear on cloud strategy

For any enterprise, the move to cloud can be a game-changer, providing unprecedented agility and efficiency. This paper explores the challenges and opportunities of cloud and critical success factors for cloud adoption.

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Key topics – Digital Vision: Cloud

Public, private or hybrid?

While the cloud comes in many flavours, organisations have a choice of three types of hosting service: private, public and hybrid. So how do they decide which is best?

Legacy in the cloud

Even when large organisations adopt a cloud-first strategy, moving an entire estate to cloud won’t always make sense. Retaining the locked-in value of legacy requires some nuanced decision-making.

Securing cloud after COVID-19

Given today’s cyber security challenge, how organisations protect their systems and data within and across multiple cloud environments – and underpin new ways of working since COVID-19

Essentials for your cloud journey

What do organisations need to plan their transition to cloud and which internal capabilities are essential to operate in the new cloud-enabled world?

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CEO UK&I, Atos

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SVP, Head of Strategy, Marketing, Comms & Public Affairs, Northern Europe & APAC

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Global Head of Hybrid Cloud – Telecoms, Media and Technology, Atos

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Associate Director, Technology & Innovation, techUK

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Technology Leadership Team, Atos

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AI & Analytics Global Business Development Director, Atos

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Distinguished Expert DevOps (Atos Expert Community) / Head of Center of Excellence DevOps, Atos

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Head of Cloud Enterprise Solutions in EMEA, Atos

Dorian Seabrook
Practice Lead Applications and Cloud Development, Atos

Mark Palmer
Head of Public Sector EMEA, Google Cloud

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