Joining Us Through Outsourcing

Over half of our employees around the world have joined Atos through one kind of transfer or another, be that under TUPE as part of an outsource, or as part of a merger or acquisition.

This has given us a unique insight into the emotions and challenges you will be facing through transfer, once you know that it might happen to you. Whilst we will work hard with you and your management team to ensure that your transfer meets your particular circumstances (which we have huge experience in), we can answer some obvious concerns now.

What is Atos Like?

Our company culture is sustained and enriched every day by all the self-motivated, committed and talented people who work here. We don’t pin lists of values on the wall. Our ethos is expressed through the way we work and everything that we do, with each other and with our clients.

Atos has created one of the most multicultural, multidisciplinary, diverse and responsive work environments in the world. Open, informal and flexible communications set the tone in our company.

Across teams, throughout the world, we collaborate to deliver the high-quality tailored solutions that our clients expect. The calibre of our solutions can only come from teams that continually contribute fresh ideas, different perspectives and individual flair. Our clients know they can depend on us not only to be versatile and inventive, but also to consistently strive to create a deeper understanding of how best to meet their business goals.

It’s very simple. You join us as a person with the self-motivation, drive and initiative to flourish with a high degree of professional autonomy. In return, we do our best to support you and encourage you to thrive, so that together we can continue to exceed our clients’ expectations.

What will it mean for me?

Typically, when a transition lies ahead, you will naturally be concerned about your career, as well as your terms, conditions and benefits.
Career Prospects with Atos

Through our three-dimensional people model, we ensure that our staff capitalise on the full breadth of opportunities available to them as part of a world-leading IT services company.

Essentially, the only constraints on your development at Atos are your own aspirations and ability. We will support you through our global development programme and resource management processes. One of the key reasons for our successful track record in transfer is the range of exciting project, service and career opportunities we offer. Of all the people transferred into Atos, 97% stay with Atos, backed up by industry leading retention and length of service measures.

Terms, Conditions & Benefits

Another major element underpinning our transfer process is an understanding of how important it is to quickly reassure people that they will be no worse off in terms of benefits, terms and conditions, and to then deliver on this promise.

With your rights fully protected by TUPE in this area, we will go the extra mile and ensure that, where we cannot offer an exact match for an existing benefit, we will offer a package of equivalent value.

Atos’ terms, conditions and benefits package is world class in its own right and this will be a key focus of joint communications as your transfer process evolves.

All in all, while it is perfectly natural for you to feel concerned, we are committed to ensuring that your transition is as smooth and hassle-free as possible, paving the way to a successful working relationship and mutually rewarding future together.

Your questions / FAQs

If you are joining Atos through an outsourcing arrangement you are likely to have lots of questions. We offer help and support to every individual joining the company, so rather than give standard answers to general questions, we will contact you directly with a set of FAQs relating to your particular outsourcing arrangements. Until then, make sure you fully engage with your internal team’s communication and support processes. When agreed, in conjunction with your internal HR and communication teams, our People and Change support team will work with every individual affected to discuss your particular needs, address any concerns and give you an idea of the opportunities that lie ahead! In the latter stages of transfer, as part of our standard benefits offer, we offer a confidential counselling service to all employees and prospective employees. The service is available to help and advise you on careers, as well as providing other support you might need on home or work matters. It is a free and independent support service provided in complete confidence