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October 16, 2019

Unlocking the blockchain dilemmas facing utilities

Blockchain brings some immense opportunities to the utilities market. A good number of use cases are widely acknowledged with various consortia and startups progressing towards their realization. Households and companies can, for instance, produce solar energy and sell it to the grid during the day then consume from the grid overnight. Electric cars and advances in battery technology make distributed private storage feasible. Blockchain will give an immutable record of what you produce, store, and consume without needing an independent regulator to guarantee accurate billing. It brings transparency and trust in…


October 12, 2019

Drone miniaturization – a journey toward smart dust


October 11, 2019

Why utilities adopting AI should put ethics first


October 9, 2019

The outstanding expansion of the IoT landscape


October 8, 2019

Industry 4.0 – The Use of Drones in Industry