Dave Coplin – How is Digital transforming the way we work? | Episode 3 – Digital Society Podcast

Author and tech evangelist, Dave Coplin joins Kulveer Ranger on this Digital Society Podcast to discuss how digital is transforming the way we work.

An established author on topics surrounding the future of work and our broader relationship with technology, Dave discusses how Covid-19 has impacted the way in which we approach work and what the long-term implications of this might be.

In their discussion, Dave and Kulveer also reflect on what the future of work might look like after lockdown, as well as exploring how businesses and policy makers can equip workers with the skills they will need in order to succeed in the future.

Speaker - Dave Coplin

Chief Envisioning Officer at The Envisioners,

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Host - Kulveer Ranger

Global Head of Strategy & Comms FS&I, SVP – Strategy & Communications, Atos UK&I

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The Digital Society Podcast

The Digital Society Podcast, hosted by Kulveer Ranger, SVP Strategy & Communications at Atos, brings together journalists, politicos and key policy influencers to discuss how technology will shape our lives going forward and how decision makers can work to ensure it benefits all citizens by helping us achieve things once thought unimaginable.

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