Demanding Digital

Central Government in Focus

44% of citizens


are willing to try a new
digital service from central government.

UK citizens want more from their digital engagements with government

In our new report, Demanding Digital: The Rise of the Digitally Discerning Consumer, we explore consumers’ and citizens’ attitudes to and experiences of the digital services they use across ten public and private sector markets.

Our research enables us to understand what makes citizens embrace digital technology and what causes them to walk away; insight which will support government departments in designing truly citizen-centric services.

Key topics – Demanding Digital in Central Government

UK citizens are getting used to sharing their data online

Only 3% would actually walk away from a digital service because of data concerns

There are expectations for how digital will progress

38% expect to vote for a political party online in the next three years

However, improvements need to be made

Over half (52%) have abandoned a digital service partway through

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Today’s digitally discerning citizen has clear demands when it comes to what they want from central government digital services.

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