Demanding Digital

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Almost half, 48% of citizens


Are ‘fairly’ or ‘very’ willing to adopt
new digital services from healthcare providers.

Realising the benefits from digitising healthcare

Atos commissioned independent researchto understand how citizens feel about the digital services offered to them currently and what they would like to see from them in the future.

The main finding from the research is that only 29% would rate their digital experience from the healthcare sector as ’good’ or ‘outstanding’. This is below the industry average of 38%, when compared with other sectors such as financial services to transport. However, despite not performing well against these benchmarks, health did outperform police and local government when it came to ranking their digital experience.

Key topics – Demanding Digital in Health

Huge opportunity for digital services to reduce dependency on personal contact

Some citizens recognised this, with 46% stating that, within five years, they expect digital services to be available. That means they never need an appointment with a real-life doctor unless physical intervention is needed.

Patients are open to change

48% of citizens are ‘fairly’ or ‘very’ willing to adopt new digital services from healthcare providers.

Room for improvement

Our research revealed that 51% believe digital services are built with the organisation in mind not the patient

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At a time when simplicity and speed are the biggest issues for citizens, most are open to trying new options. It’s just up to healthcare organisations to give them a gentle push in the right direction.

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