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Putting the student first: education in the digital world


Every educational institution and authority needs to think hard about digital innovation. With technology developments, such as virtual reality already making an impact in the classroom, we cannot imagine what the digital world will offer students even five years from now.

To make the very best of this digital future, we need to do more than be prepared in terms of infrastructure, application development, new communication models, and so on.

We also need to know how to manage costs, so that the benefits of digital innovation in education are available to all.

Security and governance are high on the agenda too. We must ensure that our students’ safety and wellbeing are paramount in the digital world.

With deep experience of technology in education, Atos is well-positioned to help you shape the future of learning, putting the student first in the new digital landscape.

“81% of higher education students used smartphones and tablets for studying in 2014.”

Customer transformation challenges

Whether working with an individual university or at ministerial level, Atos focuses on the same four critical areas that underpin all effective digital transformation.

Customer experience

In education, the student is the customer. How can new digital opportunity help students, teachers, support staff and examiners work together, preparing the next generation for the world in which we live?

Operational excellence

Operational excellence and digital innovation are inseparable in education. Managing intake, tracking educational progress and maximising the use of key resources; all are dependent on effective digital practice.

Business reinvention

Digital innovation is a priority in education. It’s not just about creating the best learning experience. It’s also key to managing budgets, attracting students and connecting educational institutions around the world.

Trust and compliance

A safe student is a happy student. Universities need to get the balance right between active monitoring and open communication, as well as uncompromising respect for personal data privacy.

Unified Communications at the University of Oxford

See how Atos company Unify supported the University of Oxford in implementing unified communications solutions to support the collaboration needs of its 40,000 staff and students across 38 sites.


Services and solutions for education.

Hybrid Cloud Orchestration Services

Atos optimized pay-per-use cloud platforms, combine private and public models for safer, more innovative and robust educational practices.

School Management and Digital Workplace

Our ERP solutions enable educational institutions to benefit from a fully integrated management approach.

Unified communication

Collaboration and Communication

Online learning solutions revolutionize the way that students, faculty and staff collaborate and communicate in learning.

Student Management

Student information systems combine with data analytics for the best learning experience.

HPC – Accelerate Innovation in Research and Science

“Our society digitizes quickly and thus huge amounts of data become available to researchers. With the new Bull Sequana expansion we are able to meet the growing demand for computing power with an on-demand strategy”.

Prof. dr. ir. Anwar Osseyran, CEO, SURFsara

View our SURFsara Press Release here

Other Solutions

Services and solutions to enable innovation for Education and Research organisations.

NG911 Cyber security


ID Management and secure access for staff and students.

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