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Anticipate upcoming business and technology challenges

The Atos Scientific Community – co-chaired by Thierry Breton and Hubert Tardieu, Advisor Atos CEO – brings together more than 135 of the best business technologists from all Atos geographies and businesses. With their rich mix of skills and backgrounds, community members work together to anticipate upcoming technology disruptions and craft Atos’ vision of the future business challenges our clients will face.

As ‘creators of change’ who take a proactive approach to identifying and anticipating game changing technologies, our Scientific Community members ensure Atos’ clients always get the best solution available – both for today and for the future.

Atos Scientific Community members participate in a wide range of Atos activities:

  • Crafting Atos’ Vision on the evolving world of business, society and technology through the publication of its Journey series; providing insights to technology trends and how businesses can use technology to grow and transform.
  • Contributing to the Ascent Magazine and Look Out trends report, Atos’ biennial collaborative horizon scanning publication.
  • Mentoring the Atos IT Challenge, a competition encouraging the next generation of IT talents from universities across the world.
  • And, in addition to solving clients’ business challenges, they also support patent creation, participate in innovation workshops with clients and partners, and develop cutting-edge proofs of concepts.

Scientific community members

Atos Scientific Community Members

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Read the Atos Thought Leadership blog where Atos experts and thought leaders share insights and their personal views on a wide range of business and technology topics.

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Explore our Vision

Atos Vision in Journey 2020 – Digital Shockwaves in Business


Through the latest edition of its Journey series, the Atos Scientific Community has sought to identify, define and research the most disruptive technologies & business trends that are impacting our world.

Explore now Atos’ Vision on the evolving world of business, society and technology and the forces that will shape your business in the next few years.

Access our vision

Access our vision

Looking towards 2020, it is clear that the pace and impact of technology on business and society is increasing.

The changing business models and applications of technology we have already observed in the BtoC world are now propagating through BtoB interactions, thus creating a series of “Digital Shockwaves”.

These Digital Shockwaves emanating from new business models, new ways of working, disruptive technologies and evolving challenges, will have far-reaching consequences in all sectors of the economy.

Thinking tomorrow

At Atos, we think one step ahead so we can guide our clients on their digital journey. We then share our vision and innovative thinking on emerging trends and the technologies that will shape future business through our Thought Leadership initiatives.

Atos Scientific Community Members are key contributors to the development of cutting-edge proofs of concepts. Read our latest white papers:


The Digital Business Continuum

Enabling organizations to thrive amidst disruption

Smart Fabrics

This white paper gives an overview on smart fabrics technology and the upcoming developments both on technological and economical scale.


Enterprise DevOps

Building a Service Oriented Organization.

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