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The global telecommunications arena has been redefined by the Internet. To grow and sustain revenues, telecommunications companies must now learn to respond to customer behavior at a niche and sector-specific level, with increasingly media and functionally-rich experience.


At the same time as creating new value for customers and stakeholders, all telecommunications companies must continually find new ways to streamline back-office operations and drive out IT costs.


The Atos proposition for telecommunications companies fully addresses both areas, helping create new client value and drive operational efficiency. New business opportunities are particularly focused on:


  • Smart mobility and new media
  • Machine-to-machine
  • OSS and BSS optimization and management
  • Loyalty and monetization
  • ERP consolidation and harmonization

As a back office and IT partner, we are well-positioned too: for the last two consecutive years, Atos was ranked the world’s #1 provider of IT outsourcing services to the telecommunications sector by Datamonitor.

Transforming telecommunications performance

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Gerhild Reckerth
Global Marketing Manager Telecom & Media

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The all-connected consumer
Digital transformation in the Telecom market


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