OSS Transformation

Transform Operating Support Systems ready for open digital architecture (ODA)

OSS transformation toward cloudified environments

Demand for virtualization technologies and agile services is growing in fulfillment. Atos Operating Support Systems (OSS) Transformation can help you migrate from legacy to a wide range of new technologies and environments, including cloud-native architectures.

Our Cloud Factory approach explores how ready your legacy applications are for cloudification before creating a roadmap for your journey toward a cloud-native architecture.

We can secure end-to-end visibility for Service Assurance throughout and beyond your journey. We also provide Workforce Management aligned to best practices and local regulations.

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OSS transformation and its six domains

OSS Transformation: Foundational systems for telco operations

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Management and network orchestration

Flexible virtualized network operation and maintenance

Service assurance

Quality and performance across the entire network

OSS integration and cloudification

Improve time-to-market & rapidly configure or modify customer configurations

OSS network creation and inventory

The foundation for demand forecasting and network planning

Service provisioning and activation

Intelligent mediation of vendor network elements and OSS/BSS applications

Workforce management (WFM)

Efficient management of work orders, task schedules, dispatch and testing

Why choose Atos OSS Transformation?

Automate control over your network and services


Migrate toward a cloud-native architecture


Access multi-domain & multi-technology support

Future readiness

Protect legacy investments while preparing for the future

Openness & transparency

Leverage TM Forum Open APIs as well as 3GPP & ETSI standards


fulfilment in OSS


Our service and resource provisioning products and services include:

  • Configuration, onboarding, activation & deactivation
  • Solution transformation toward virtualization architectures
  • Management & orchestration (MANO) for virtual environments

Strategy & Infrastructure solution for oss transformation

Strategy & Infrastructure

Our integration solutions cover Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) and other middleware technologies. Take control with our Catalog Driven Order Management functions that cover both manual and automated processes.

solutions for monitoring faults, quality, performance, capacity


We provide solutions for monitoring faults, quality, performance, capacity and more:

  • Service & Resource Monitoring
  • Trouble & Incident Management
  • Performance & Configuration Management
  • Tele-Diagnostics
  • Closed-Loop Automation

Operational Support & Readiness

Operational Support & Readiness

A broad set of solutions for service and resource inventories, asset management, planning & design:

  • Inventory & Asset Management
    – Network Planning & Design
    – Physical & Logical layers
    – Feasibile studies
    – Data Management
  • Workforce Management
    – Field Intervention Management
    – Work Planning Schedule and Optimization

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