Next-Generation Telecoms Networks

Unleash the power of new hyperconnectivity

Your journey to 5G and beyond: becoming a Next-Generation Telco.


In the age of 5G, the convergence of cloud, edge and artificial intelligence technologies will revolutionize the way people live, work and play – creating major new opportunities and challenges for telecoms operators. To get ahead in this fast-changing market, investment in next-generation networks is essential. Wherever you are on your digital transformation journey, partnership through the Atos Next-Generation Telecoms Network ecosystem will accelerate your ambitions.

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Create your next-generation network

Agile and flexible network

Respond rapidly to changing business and market needs

Cost efficiency

Lower network operating costs and increase returns on investment

Uninterrupted performance

Low latency to deliver standout customer experience

Secure and scalable

Ensure regulatory compliance and foster trust and confidence

Network function virtualization and containerization

With very high demands for performance, scale, availability and security, network function virtualization for telcos is more complex than for other domains. We’ll help you to navigate this complexity by identifying your requirements then selecting and seamlessly integrating the optimal virtualized core infrastructure to meet your needs.

Provide a common infrastructure to co-host network functions from multiple vendors
Support high throughput you need for network applications
Meet SLAs adapted to network needs, with 99,999% of availability

Along with virtualizing your infrastructure at the core, Atos also delivers Container-as-a-Service infrastructure, to simplify and accelerate the deployment of containers, to bring you the following benefits:

More efficient use of hardware
Flexibility to use your own hardware, hybrid public and private cloud or any combination
Scalability and agility to adapt to your changing business needs

Voice and mobile-data core network and Value-added services

Voice and mobile-data core network and Value-added services

Atos can help you to upscale existing services and launch new voice, messaging and data services in your virtualized environment (including a Services Delivery Platform, IMS solution, Messaging, Data Core packet, and Video Analytics). To deploy these services, we reuse and adapt from our catalog, reducing your costs and time to market by up to five times.

We guarantee the high scalability, performance and availability you require. These applications can be integrated into an orchestration and automation platform to ensure scalability and flexibility.

Multi-access edge computing and OpenRAN

Virtualization at the edge of your network will give you even more flexibility and cost-efficiency for deploying new customer services and applications. In addition to applications at the edge, Radio Access Networks (RAN) will also be virtualized. While remote radio units will remain on masts, baseband processing units will be virtualized and hosted at the edge. Open-RAN replaces vendor-proprietary interfaces with open standards, providing greater flexibility to select best-of-breed components. Atos will:

Integrate advanced edge capabilities
Enhance the performance of applications that leverage 4G LTE / 5G networks
Enable you to offer new services and opportunities to your customers with powerful AI, analytics, new edge solutions

Multi-access edge computing and OpenRAN

Network management and orchestration

Network management and orchestration

By implementing an orchestration platform, zero-touch network operations become a reality, lowering operating costs, simplifying the configuration of services, and bringing the benefits of agile, flexible virtualized network operation and maintenance.

Closed-loop, real-time AI and analytics integrated with automation and orchestration improves network reliability and ensures that operation and maintenance staff can work more efficiently, creating a truly data-driven, self-optimizing network.

Transforming the operating model
Implementing automation and orchestration solutions
Embedding actionable data

Cloud Forward with Atos OneCloud

With Atos OneCloud initiative telco’s can accelerate migration to the Cloud through a one-stop shop offering industry specific go-to-market and organization. Atos OneCloud will allow network service providers to unleash the business potential of Cloud through business processes optimization and application modernization, making them more agile, more mobile, more data driven and more customer centric.

More about Atos Onecloud

Cloud Forward with Atos OneCloud

Webinar replay

The transition to cloud-native architecture is hard for CSPs that are still going through the process of network virtualization and the requisite organizational and cultural adjustments. Let’s look at why cloud-native NFV, also called Telco Cloud, differs from its predecessor and how operators should respond to realize business benefits sooner.

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Accelerating your netzero journey

Accelerating your netzero journey

By design, Next-Generation Telecoms Networks will contribute to reducing carbon emissions and increasing energy efficiency of mobile networks. Atos can accelerate the digital transformation of your core network to benefit from the most efficient core network solutions and latest radio generation. We have a vital role in creating a more inclusive and green society.

Decarbonization solutions for telcos



New hyperconnectivity is transforming how people live and work

From autonomous cars, to connected healthcare, to mobility-as-a-service, new hyperconnectivity is transforming how people live and work. 5G will help revolutionize the experiences and services that telecoms companies (telcos) can offer.

Customer story

Next-Generation Intelligent Network for A1 Telekom Austria

Atos implements Next-Generation Intelligent Network solution across various A1 Telekom subsidiaries, which currently use a range of different platforms and will manage rollout in Austria, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia.


Virtualizing Radio Access Networks

Only a few years after the telecom NFV (Network Function Virtualization) revolution, a new trend in mobile digital communication has emerged: virtualization of the Radio Access Network (vRAN)


How Telcos can “future proof” their Tech with Cloud, Edge and 5G

With the arrival of 5G, Big Data will soon become Enormous Data. More and more data will have to be processed at the edge of the Telecom network, close to the source of production.


Want to build your own mobile private 5G network?

Recently, with the advent of 5G and the possibilities it creates, the picture changes completely. So, what does this evolution of mobile private networks mean for telcos and their customers?

Roundtable webinar replay

Achieving zero-touch network automation

Atos, IBM and IDC discussed about zero-touch network automation and the extend to which network managers must constantly grapple with unexpected network changes.


Why forward-thinking telcos are cloudifying their networks

Cloudification is an increasingly essential way for any company to cut IT operating costs while gaining the flexibility and agility needed to survive and thrive in today’s fast-changing world.


Six critical success factors for telcos preparing Radio Access Networks for 5G

Today’s telecoms consumers have a seemingly insatiable appetite for connectivity: higher speeds, cheaper data, better coverage and faster responses are all expected as part of daily life.


Open RAN is gaining traction amid 5G deployment

Open RAN has the potential to challenge the status quo, multiply the benefits of 5G and radically transform the telecom market, bolstering competition and fostering innovation.

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