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The “We Are Atos” Program

At Atos, we create more room for social values, improved ways of working, wellbeing, diversity and inclusion. Among our goals is to align our initiatives more closely to our client priorities, improve customer experience, strengthen the employee value proposition, and be the employer of choice in our marketplace.

The “We Are Atos” program has grown from its launch in 2010, to become a recognizable and constant part of Atos culture. The program is driven both globally and through local Atos country networks, this approach supports local priorities and local context but also allows us to share best practices from all parts of our company.

Social Value

We are Socially Engaged

We believe in bringing technology and innovation to society, by educating and helping to integrate all communities into the digital world. We focus on applying our core strengths to the challenges that society faces, through our own business and that of our clients. While growing to be a front runner in the marketplace, and taking into account social trends and the evolving needs of society, we will maintain our status as an employer of choice – by enhancing employee experience, providing learning opportunities and sense of purpose.

Life at Work

We are Professionals

At Atos we show respectful behaviour to develop relationships and build trust. We make our employees feel challenged and supported in their individual development – their careers and contributions towards achieving our business goals is part of our DNA. Growth opportunities and internal mobility are available for all. We take a leading position in the marketplace by being a role model for our customers in social collaboration and knowledge sharing. Last, but not least, we ensure a good working environment for all employees, and we are supportive to team collaboration and flexible working.

Employee Experience with our customers

We are Partners

We work very closely with our customers to share employee expertise and best practice, in order to help improve customer experience as part of new or ongoing relationships. We also leverage the Atos culture of a very strong customer focus, to improve customer satisfaction.

We also work with our customers on joint initiatives, applying our collective competencies and strengths, to address challenges within wider society.

We provide a leading Digital Experience for our employees, to use as a reference for best practice with our customers.

Our Customer Stories


We are Caring

We are a company and a community where we take care of ourselves and our colleagues, to continuously improve our collaboration and ways of working together. Some of our initiatives are: supporting personal health with our Health@work program, using agile ways of Reward & Recognition, celebrating success stories and encouraging peer to peer recognition. We foster a culture of self-development where wellbeing and a healthy work-life balance are an essential responsibility for all.

Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion

We are Diverse

We are constantly increasing the percentage of women working in the company, driving gender diversity, providing world-class accessibility, implementing growth opportunities and internal mobility, for ALL generations and ethnicities. See more details on our Diversity approach, just go back to the careers homepage.


Here at Atos, diversity and inclusion are embedded in our DNA. With robust programs in place to support our Diversity Dimensions (Gender, Accessibility, LGBT, Generations, and Culture) our 110,000 global employees are encouraged to contribute to our culture of inclusivity. Atos does not discriminate on the basis of age, race, sexual orientation, gender, or ethnicity. We hold ourselves to a high standard, because our employees deserve to feel safe, valued, and able to express themselves.

We maintain close contact with the United Nations to support our programs for women, LGBTI+ and people with disabilities, we host monthly podcasts on LinkedIn that showcase the programs we have in place for our employees, and our university programs pair Atos personnel with student groups for women, LGBTI+, and people with disabilities.


This is one of our most active pillars focused on several key initiatives: we developed a global policy on Accessibility, are focused on improving the candidate experience from an accessibility perspective, and are partnering with our Learning & Development teams to ensure that all courseware meets the needs of our employees. Atos plays an important role in Global Accessibility Awareness Day, hosting events across the globe that feature world-renowned experts in the disability field.

In 2019, Atos became the first CAC40 company to sign the Valuable 500 Charter, pledging our support for people with disabilities who work for our company. To bring our commitment to life, we’ve initiated a mentoring program at National Technical Institute for the Deaf (NTID) in Rochester, New York, partnering Atos women with female under-graduates to assist them in preparing for life after university and to help them learn how to communicate with the deaf and Hard of Hearing culture. Neil Milliken, Global Head of Accessibility, made the Top 10 on Shaw’s Disability Power Top 100 List, and won the Business Disability Forum’s Disability-Smart Diversity and Inclusion Practitioner Award.


We completed our first-ever women’s leadership development program and have implemented a women’s executive mentoring program across the globe, partnering women with our most senior leaders within the company. Our Women Who Succeed Program has won international awards such as Brandon Hall and Women In IT Diversity Initiatives, and we’re proud to have been named in the UK’s Times Top 50 Employers for Women list.

Together with Textio, we’ve revised our job advertisements to make them more inclusive and gender neutral, attracting a wider talent pool as a result.


We have a range of “Affinity Groups” that give voice to our employees’ ideas, many of which are in the LGBT area. Our LGBT and Allies Groups (currently 30+ groups and 1700+ members) provide support, guidance, and resources to our employees, and ensure that our employees view Atos as a safe, inclusive workplace. Atos has partnered with the United Nations and signed the LGBTI Standards of Conduct for Business, and has also signed L’Autre Cercle’s charter in support of their mission to combat discrimination. We are 40th on the Stonewall Workplace Equality Index scale.

For further information please see our Atos Pride pages here.


We have a range of global talent development programs aimed at our employees over 50, which position them for further advancement within the organization. As a result, Atos has been named a Top 5 Employer for Age by Vercida, a leading consultancy in the Diversity space. In the US, we have signed the AARP Employer Pledge (American Association of Retired Persons) to affirm the value we place on experienced workers.


We have more Affinity Groups active in this area, for example our Together Network in the UK and Ireland created a reverse mentoring program so that our employees can learn from one another, and our Veterans Groups in the UK and US conduct programs to prepare former military personnel for tech careers.

We are extremely proud that Atos was named as a Best Place For Race by the Prince’s Trust in the UK, a Top Engaged Company by Employee Engagement, and a Great Place to Work in Bulgaria. And in the US, Atos signed the Hispanic Promise Pledge sponsored by We are All Human, to celebrate what is unique and powerful in our Latinx employees.

Corporate Social Responsibility

As a global digital player, Atos has a key role to play in combating climate change and developing eco-responsible solutions and eco-efficient sites. From enhancing agricultural techniques, facilitating access to earth data from space, to securing worldwide digital infrastructure, Atos provides businesses and organizations with the most advanced technologies to power innovation in more ethical and environmentally friendly ways.

We also have a role to play in our own sphere of influence, starting with the experience of our employees, encouraging inclusivity, diversity and employee wellbeing. By rethinking the way we live and work, by respecting each other and by caring for our planet, we can together help to create a sustainable future.

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