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Are you ready to build the real-time enterprise?

We’re on the cusp of a new era. Processing data at the edge for better and safer decisions. Monetizing data and analyzing it in real-time for an enhanced customer experience. Predicting anything with interconnected networks of devices and sensors. Providing new services and experiences with seamless connectivity.

5G is an enabler for a new generation of services, products and experiences that will change everyday life forever.

Preparing for the 5G revolution brings technological and investment challenges to ensure you have the capabilities, insights and business models in place to succeed.

At Atos, we harness the power of 5G combined with our expertise in AI/ML business use cases, Cybersecurity, Cloud and Edge computing, to unlock the value of 5G for businesses.

It’s time to change the way people live, learn, work & communicate and transform how companies do business. It’s (real) time to build the real-time enterprise.

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Leverage on our capabilities and expertise

Convert your video, image, etc. into crucial metadata to take real-time decisions with pre-trained & customizable AI models enriched by Atos computer vision

Deliver real time experiences & insights by running AI applications on GPU-enabled compact BullSequana Edge servers

Leverage modern cloud application models with Atos OneCloud and strong partnership with cloud providers (Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure & AWS).

Navigate through the 5G security and network resiliency journey with our communication and cybersecurity capabilities (AIsaac, IDnomic, Trustway, Evidian, Lifelink)

Benefit from exclusive partnership with regional & global 5G network ecosystem to provide end-to-end 5G MEC deployment & support.

What 5G means for business

Cities >

It’s (real) time to improve citizens’ quality of life

AI Inference on massive amounts of data generated by IoT sensors (air and water quality monitoring, surveillance cameras, parking garage sensors, utility meters and smart buildings, connected traffic control).

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Factory >

It’s (real) time to turn your workplace into your safe space

Real-time and high-precision insights for the quality control, predictive maintenance, wireless control of mobile tools, machines and robots, shop floor management, inventory optimization, digital twin, employee safety.

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Healthcare >

It’s (real) time to digitally enable health

Remote patient monitoring, fall detection & “non-movement” detection, HD virtual consultations, remote emergency rescue and survery, remote training with AR/VR and 3D digital models, clinical risk analysis, detection of health anomalies, tumors…

Retail >

It’s (real) time to improve citizens’ quality of life

Enhanced in-store experience with personalized pricing, promotions in-store, customer journey analytics, contactless checkouts, VR for product or brand information. Operational efficiency improvement in inventory and store operations.

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Warehouse >

It’s (real) time to keep a bird’s eye view on your business.

VR-enabled connected workers, wayfinding, autonomous guided vehicle (AGV) control, inventory monitoring and updating, parking management, perimeter and roadway monitoring.

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Transport >

It’s (real) time to arrive on time

Real-time processing of luggage, and container processing automation, predictive maintenance, passenger counting and security, augmented reality-enabled connected workers, autonomous guided vehicle (AGV) control.

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Entertainment >

It’s (real) time to make live experience more alive than ever

Personalized live fan/visitor experience at the venue or at home with personalized recommendations, AR/VR, live information overlays, multiple angle views, personalized instant replays, and predictive maintenance.

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Media >

It’s (real) time to be in the thick of it

Remote production, 4K UHD video streaming, 360-degree or AR/VR experiences for gamers, viewers and fans, wireless cameras to be more flexible and mobile to cover live sports, news, entertainment and events.

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Industry leading partnerships

Verizon Business and Atos to power industry-leading predictive analytics 5G edge solution

The global partnership will deliver a 5G edge architecture that improves operational efficiency, network connectivity and latency across the enterprise.

Atos and Nokia join forces to enhance businesses’ digital applications with full private 4/5G networks services

This partnership will help enterprises reach enhanced operational efficiency while enabling new ways of working.

Digital Vision for 5G

For organizations in every sector, 5G is in the near view.

We are early in this revolution. Yet the vision is clear. Mature use cases are emerging; decisions can be made together about where and how to prove, then expand, the value of 5G.

This isn’t just about connectivity; it’s about creating new business models and ways of operating.

Read our new global opinion paper for 5G to find out how 5G can be a game-changer – for telecoms operators, their partners, and the customers they serve.

Download the Digital Vision for 5G paper

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