Lifelink networks systems

Innovative Private Secure Radio Network based on LTE and 5G

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Why choose a private network?

Mission-critical professionals depend on a reliable, high-speed connection. There may be times when the network is not powerful, available or reliable enough for operational needs. A private network ensures functional communication during all your daily missions.

With a private 4G/5G network, you fully control who uses your communication resources. You can therefore benefit from the full power of the network for your field applications.

Use a private network to:

Guarantee the availability of network resources anytime

Control your network

Stay independent from public operators

Be resilient in a crisis

Choose the LTE (4G) or 5G technology to:

Use standard smartphone, equipment and applications (seamless push-to-talk using international standard 3GPP)

Benefit from the latest features such as video sharing inexistent in legacy PMR

Adapt your network to your needs:

Create gateways to the public network (allows communication to people outside your private network)

Connect to your intranet

Add application servers

Industry use cases


Tactical 4G/5G offers a highly resilient and secure solution for defense communications. Ultra-compact, a private network can be carried anywhere on the field in a backpack or in a vehicle.

Public Safety

Private 4G/5G networks offer new features for ensuring public safety, such as photo sharing of an incident. It is also available when public networks are cut, allowing the police and firefighters to keep a reliable communication.

High density places

The public network is often saturated in stadiums or train stations. Private 5G enables more citizens to be connected at the same time, while dedicating some slices of the network for emergency services.


Extreme environments call for extremely reliable communication solutions. Private 4G/5G ensures safety and efficiency of offshore wind farms, nuclear plants and hydraulic centrals where no other network can.


IoT is a revolution for manufacturing. However, it opens new vulnerabilities for factories. Private 4G/5G tackles both security and reliability issues of machines’ communication.


Secure 4G/5G answers two challenges faced by the transport industry: improving the passenger’s journey while ensuring efficiency and security of the operators.

Our solutions

Lifelink provides a range of 4G LTE/5G private networks.

All-in-one box, easy to deploy

Start-up in less than 2 minutes

Very compact systems

Extremely light (30kg for the large-range model, 5kg for the mobile model)

Secure and resilient

Supports AES, SNOW, ZUC integrity, ciphering, standard MILENAGE and TUAK authentication, and HSS encryption

Full featured and 5G ready

3GPP standard

Compliant with NB-IoT and LTE-M Cat1 release 15

Ready for a smooth transition to 5G with software update

Lifelink Wireless Extense

    is a compact private 4G/5G radio network. It is perfect for fixed installation and vehicle mounting.


Lifelink Wireless Run

    is an ultra-compact private 4G/5G radio network. You can install it outside or carry it in a backpack.


    This range of products results from the acquisition of Air-Lynx by Atos.

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