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How to ensure security and resilience of communication?

It should work when you need it most. Whether in the field or in the company, today, communications must no longer be a weak point. It’s Critical. That is the reason why Critical Communications are going through a transition toward digital and broadband technologies.

New usages implies a new answer: video, data, connecting drones, robots or sensors, teams can’t rely on legacy networks. There is a constant rise in demand for new generation of communication: secure, resilient, reliable and easy to use.

Atos addresses critical communications in 3 different ways:

Critical Communications
for Missions

Mission-critical communications is the ability of delivering communications when no other network can. Atos delivers a large set of products and solutions to ensure the success of critical missions on the ground, anytime, anywhere.

Critical Communications
for Manufacturing

The Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) will drive adoption of private 5G networks. Private 5G networks, combined with security and AI will accelerate the deployments of IoT to meet the new needs of Industry 4.0.

Critical Communications
for Utilities

Energy industry has very specific needs in terms of connectivity. The operators’ lives rely on the availability of communication, while there are many different networks.

Atos offers four types of solutions / products

Deploy reliable infrastructure

Lifelink Wireless offers different compact radio networks that bring reliable, low-latency connectivity to all your operations, increasing safety and security. It can connect to all your critical operations in real time to any other product in the Atos Lifelink Wireless portfolio. You can deploy it anywhere, anytime and be your own operator.

Communicate with devices you can trust


Atos Lifelink Hoox ensures security at all levels (communication, system, app store). Working on our Lifelink Wireless private LTE, it is fully integrated with Atos Lifelink Hub that seamlessly switches between private and public networks.

Connect all your teams

Lifelink Multinet is a multi network dispatcher ensuring communication interface between different types of radio networks (LTE, TETRA, VHF…). It also has a recording feature.

Lifelink MCx Connect is a mission critical push-to-talk application, enabling safe voice and message data exchanges.

Get adapted services for your industry

LifeXtender helps you keep all your communication technologies in operational conditions.
Offshore wind service includes the installation and the maintenance of communications on your offshore wind farm from the beginning of its construction.
Integrated Solutions for Railways delivers fully integrated telecommunication end-to-end solutions for railway operators.

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