TETRA for Critical Infrastructure

Leveraging mission-critical excellence

In extreme situations, reliable communication is the key to success. Nowhere is this statement truer than in the case of large infrastructures in remote or dangerous surroundings, such as oil rigs, off-shore wind parks or petrochemical plants.
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To ensure safe and efficient operations, a multitude of staff members and systems have to interact seamlessly, no matter how far away they are from established communication networks.

Atos TETRA for Critical Infrastructure is the secure and reliable communication and workflow management solution for large, self-contained infrastructures. It sets up a targeted communication cell at even the most extreme locations and provides intelligent features to enable safe and economical operations.

The challenge

Large infrastructures require a mission-critical, secure and flexible platform that acts as the communication backbone and organizes the interplay of operations necessary for safe and economical operations.

The solution

Atos’ solution TETRA for Critical Infrastructure (TCI) sets up a reliable, secure and streamlined communication network in even the most extreme locations. It is based on the mission-critical, wireless industry standard “Terrestrial Trunked Radio” (TETRA) and consists of a variety of powerful applications for voice and data communications as well as workflow and workforce management.


Targeted radio coverage – high availability indoors and outdoors

Every member of your staff is always within reach. It can be set up even in the most remote locations, but it can also be used to create a secure communication cell in a densely populated area.

Tetra dispatcher (TD) and Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL)

Ensures the efficient and effective coordination of your activities, and minimizes the response time of your staff considerably. AVL offers precise and reliable location tracking of vehicles and mobile users.

Telemetry – efficient equipment performance monitoring

Telemetric monitoring of your equipment saves your field staff unnecessary trips to check on the performance of your equipment – making your operations safer and more efficient.

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