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Trustway Proteccio™ netHSM

Trustway Proteccio netHSM is a hardware security module (HSM) providing software solutions in a high-performance, highly secure environment for performing the most sensitive cryptographic operations.

Optimum security requires a variety of encryption solutions. The Trustway Proteccio range offers multiple products to meet your cryptographic requirements.

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High security

Trustway Proteccio netHSM adds a high-security environment to your Windows, Linux, Solaris SPARC and AIX 32/64 bit servers for RSA-ECC-AES cryptographic functions and sensitive custom applications.

Bull cyber Trust compliance


The tamper-proof design of Trustway Proteccio netHSM has been certified under the Common Criteria EAL4+ and the FIPS140-2 Level 3 certification is in progress. It encapsulates secure Trustway cryptographic subsystems, allowing you to run security-sensitive processes in a high-performance manner.

Virtual HSM

Cost-sensitive organizations will be pleased with the competitive pricing of the Trustway Proteccio netHSM family. The advanced virtual HSM capability features eight HSMs in-the-box, providing both partners and end customers with a very flexible price and performance option.

Certified high security, the Trustway Proteccio hardware security module is designed (hardware and software), implemented and manufactured totally by Atos in France. CC EAL4+ certification, Reinforced Qualification (ANSSI QR)*, NATO SECRET and EU RESTRICTED agreements covers hardware and software implementation. FIPS 140-2 level 3 is currently in progress.
*V128/X130 et N° 198/ANSSI/SDE/PSS/BQA version.

The Trustway Proteccio HSM gives access up to 8 virtual HSMs simultaneously. Each virtual HSM is a cryptographic partition strongly separated from the others by dedicated encryption keys, users, administrators and auditors. It offers the ability to share the same HSM between different use cases while keeping the same security level — getting the most of your HSM and reducing cost.

Manageability and high availability are provided by a user-friendly application controlled by access rights — enabling you to administer, configure and manage the HSM, including security policy, user rights, keys management, HSM configuration and updates.

Easy back-up features save all keys encrypted, enabling restoration. Load balancing features process secure cryptographic replication and enable high availability. Trustway Proteccio NetHSM is also available as a white label, allowing you to brand it with your identity and logo.


Common Criteria EAL4+ compliant with CWA 14167-2 PP
FIPS 140-2 Level 3 (in progress)
«Qualification Renforcée» (the highest qualification from the ANSSI)
Compliant with eIDAS


Asymmetric encryption: RSA
Symmetric encryption: AES 128 to 256, 3DES
Digital Signing: RSA PSS, PKCS v1.5, ECDSA
Hash: MD5, SHA-1, SHA 256, SHA 384, SHA 512
Supported named curves: ANSI, NIST, ANSSI


Cryptographic profile definition
Secure updates of embedded software
Load balancing capability


Java Cryptography Environment JCE
Microsoft Crypto API (CSP), Cryptography Next Generation (CNG)


2 x10/100/1000 Base T Ethernet ports
4 x USB2 ports
1 x VGA
Embedded smart card reader and keyboard
LCD screen 2 x 16 digits
Reset button on front panel
Secure RPC


Asymmetric: Up to 1600 sign/s
Symmetric: Up to 200Mbits encrypted per second

Additional virtual HSM license

Additional batch of cards

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Trustway Proteccio is a hardware security module (HSM) providing software solutions with a high-performance and highly secure environment where you can carry out your most sensitive cryptographic operations.

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