Artificial Intelligence for Cyber Analytics and Hybrid SecOps

What is the Atos AIsaac platform for?

Traditional SIEM-based security monitoring cannot detect complex, targeted or unknown attacks. It is unable to analyze a high volume of varied data. In short: it is unable to defend you from next-generation cyberattacks.

In response, we have evolved beyond SIEM, and built a truly comprehensive Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service powered by our next-generation artificial intelligence (AI) platform, AIsaac.

The Atos AIsaac platform is a cloud-native solution with hybrid and multi-cloud support. AIsaac combines our award-winning artificial intelligence for cybersecurity and innovations in edge AI.

Look under the hood of a next-generation
cyberdefense platform for MDR

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AIsaac is available as a SaaS with our Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service, and is hosted on Atos OneCloud. AIsaac runs on a Hortonworks big data platform and uses next-generation algorithms to detect complex, targeted attacks in real time. Once a threat is detected, AIsaac automatically contains the threat. Our incident responders then use the platform’s SOAR capabilities to orchestrate a swift and effective response.

Recognized as the most innovative AI platform by Microsoft

Collect across vectors

With AIsaac, you get one central console that brings together logs, alerts, flows, vulnerabilities and configuration changes.

AIsaac covers your entire IT stack, including servers, endpoints, cloud, SaaS applications and your existing investment in security technologies.

You get one single integrated platform for complete digital security.

Deep mining with AI and machine learning

AIsaac mines your data in three ways:

  • Hunt for attack campaigns and hidden threats with 100+ machine learning models and 500+ use case scenarios across industries
  • Anticipate attacks by correlating 200+ threat intelligence sources for impact on your assets and proactively raising your defenses
  • Monitor for known threats with 1,000+ rules and signatures and detect threats in real time

Comprehensive threat management technologies

Get a proven, next-generation AI platform delivered from the cloud. AIsaac integrates seven key threat management technologies without any silos:

  • SIEM: Detect known threats in real time
  • SOAR: Investigate, contain and orchestrate threat response
  • CSPM: Detect and remediate misconfigurations on your cloud stack
  • EDR: Uncover and contain threats on endpoint devices
  • UBA: Detect threat originating from malicious insiders
  • NTA: Identify network threats using netflow, rules, and threat intelligence
  • Security analytics: Mine your entire IT and cloud stack for threats

Client success stories: What we detected with AI models

Advanced malware

Advanced malware

Caught hidden banking Trojan that went undetected by existing Symantec EPP, FireEye EDR, Qradar SIEM and NGFW

Data exfiltration

Data exfiltration

Caught data leakage that was bypassing the existing DLP and web gateway due to micro blogging

Rogue software

Rogue software

Detected rogue software on four servers in 450,000 nodes network even though it was cleaned up earlier by specialized IR team employed by customer

Phishing fraud

Phishing fraud

Prevented fraudulent transaction from CEO’s email compromise in O365, which was missed by Email gateway and anti-phishing solutions

Lateral movement

Lateral movement

Detected lateral movement of attacker from developer segment to production website which was missed by Anti-malware, NGFW and SIEM

Gartner Market Guide to Managed Detection and Response

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Understand the current state of the MDR market

According to Gartner, “MDR services add 24/7 threat monitoring, detection and response capabilities to security operations capabilities via an outcome-oriented approach. Security and risk management leaders should use this research to determine if MDR services are a good fit for their goals, use cases and requirements.”

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