Digital Vision for 5G

For organizations in every sector, 5G is in the near view.

5G is rapidly entering the mainstream as the fifth-generation mobile network and new global wireless standard. Much faster and better than its predecessors, its speed is 100 times that of 4G, it enabled throughput at least ten times faster, and it can connect over a million devices per kilometer.

It’s also the first mobile network to make edge capabilities systematically available as part of its infrastructure. The ability to leverage real-time data at edge of the network transforms possibility. It will help accelerate and enrich digitalization to change the way people live, work, and communicate.

We are early in this revolution. Yet the vision is clear. Mature use cases are emerging; decisions can be made together about where and how to prove, then expand, the value of 5G.

This isn’t just about connectivity; it’s about creating new business models and ways of operating.

Find out how 5G can be a game-changer – for telecoms operators, their partners, and the customers they serve.

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Driving 5G adoption: Featured Articles

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Driving 5G adoption: key success factors and industry opportunities

Part of today’s digital fabric, 5G creates new ways to address some of the most important challenges of our age.


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The technologies that make 5G happen

With 5G, everything connects with everything. But what are the technologies behind this revolution?


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Accelerating enterprise 5G: the new B2B ecosystem

Now is the time to capitalize on 5G availability and opportunities to gain a competitive and operational edge.


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Are you ready for 5G?

These are exciting times for the telecoms industry. The advent of 5G will revolutionize the telecoms and technology market.


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For organizations in every sector, 5G is in the near view.

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Manufacturing: Accelerating the Industry 4.0 revolution >

Transport: Making every journey count with real-time data >

Retail: Enabling next-generation retailing >

Sports, media & entertainment: Blending physical and virtual at the heart of the action >

Healthcare: Hospitals without walls >

Cities: Improving safety, sustainability and quality of life >

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Are you ready for 5G?

Understand from some of our partners how the evolution of a 5G partner ecosystem and collaborative data platforms will be crucial to driving growth


Lexicon of 5G words and phrases

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Jean-Philippe Poirault
EVP – Global Head of Telecom, Media, Technology Industry, Atos

Sophie James
Head of Telecoms and Spectrum Policy, techUK

Franz Kasparec
Global Offerings Manager – Telecom, Media, Technology Industry, Atos

Darius Singh
Principal Consultant, STL Partners

Eduardo Castañon
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Head of Global Enterprise Business, Nokia

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Head of Alliances & Partners for Edge & AI, Atos

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General Manager International, Enterprise Innovation and 5G & MEC Solutions, Verizon Business

Dr Natalia Jimenez
Life Sciences Centre of Excellence, Director, Atos

Jim Craig
Senior Product Manager, RedHat

Jerome Sandrini
SVP, Global Head of 5G & AI Solutions, Atos

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