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Bring digital services to market faster, with a new approach to digital platforms

Atos and VMware

After delivering 1 million workloads and 500 global cloud projects together, Atos and VMware have a new vision to help customers grow and compete.

Our joint customer vision

Today, customers need to bring digital services to market faster. Innovation doesn’t come easy – a new approach to digital platforms is required.

Over 10 years of partnership, Atos and VMware have focused on providing a complete ‘ready-to-go’ digital platform. Our vision is to keep investing in this, with new integrations such as VMware Tanzu, enabling the high-speed deployment of infrastructure, and new applications.

*Atos officially signed a Global Systems Integrator Agreement with VMware in 2009.

Get ready together with VMware and Atos

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Our joint offers

Atos Application Modernization to the Cloud

Transform Apps to let customers’ business benefit from Cloud.

When it comes to a worldwide community of digitalization, organizations are focusing on the agility of an application’s lifecycle.

Modern Application Platforms are at the heart of our Atos OneCloud approach, along with Atos Digital Hybrid Cloud, Atos Digital Cloud Services and Atos PaaS offerings. We integrate VMware Tanzu and its BUILD services, including Spring, to provide ongoing business value.


Agility and Flexibility

Security and compliance

Transformation at Scale

Decarbonization and energy efficiency

Sustainable applications

Future focused environment

For the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, our integration and systems management services helped the IOC achieve savings of 40% whilst delivering a digital experience to the world.

Digital Workplace

Connect and communicate, simply and securely.

VMware’s innovative Workspace One technology, combined with Atos Digital Workplace, provides users with improved productivity and an ‘end-to-end’ experience that’s both intuitive and secure.

From linking our Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to measurable adoption rates, and sharing risk through our unique contract model, we go that one step further.


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Greater productivity – setting up a new user reduced from 90+ minutes to just 5.

Increase securityand compliance by integrating identity and device management.

Protect data and applications without impacting user experience.

Optimize costs through increased automation, virtual agents and self-service tools.

Freedom and control for employees and IT by creating an agile and secure workplace.

Atos Digital Workplace helped life science company Bayer to transform their 130,000 workstations. Leveraging VMware Workspace ONE, employees now benefit from faster, simplified and harmonized omni-channel services.

How we work closely together

Atos - VMware’s premier modernisation partner

As VMware’s solutions evolve, Atos leads with innovation. Covering application modernisation, cloud native, multi cloud and container management, we are actively collaborating on VMware Tanzu, Carbon Black and Galleon.

Built on a foundation of joint engineering

Atos is embracing the move to provide a complete platform for customers by integrating VMware technology into our service offerings.

Early access to VMware R&D technology

Atos gets priority to VMware roadmaps and technology radars. From early access to Tanzu development reviews and shared enterprise requirements, to early adoption of vSphere and vCloud foundation, we work together to find the solution.

Significantly investing in VMware skills development

Our Learning and Development team centralises the training program assets for 15,000 cloud and digital workplace specialists, with regular updates managed with VMware.


Reduce time to market between technology releases.

Reduce risk of issues for customers.

Helps customers differentiate in their marketplace.

Why Atos and VMware

Global scale:

Atos runs the world’s largest private cloud.

Any application:

From traditional to cloud native, we accommodate on a single platform.

End-to-end capability:

Bringing together outsourcing, Systems Integration (SI) and Application (Syntel) heritage – a unique combination.

Strong executive commitment:

The VMware team is fully embedded in the Atos culture, including a strong alignment at executive level.

1,300+ professionals:

Trained and certified in VMware Technology, with a global reach across 72 countries.

50,000+ applications transformed:

Plus 150,000 workloads to the cloud.

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Press release

Atos empowers clients to modernize apps & processes as part of its Atos OneCloud strategy

Atos announces, as part of Atos OneCloud, a new joint strategic offering to support organizations developing smart strategies to modernize their apps and processes. This offering includes the collective capabilities and portfolios of Dell Technologies, VMware and Atos.


Today’s organizations face challenges coming from various directions (e.g., application modernization, employee experience, decarbonization, etc.). Multi-cloud can be a solution to current and future.

Empowering engaged employee experience


Empowering Engaged Employee Experience

Our ways of working are changing dramatically, Speed and agility requirements are growing exponentially in a connected world. More global businesses are moving to digital and hybrid working environments. Find out how VMware and Atos partner to transform the employee experience, and how we’ve enabled employees to effectively work together, collaborate, and develop ideas.

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