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Decarbonization is a must in today’s TMT market

Telecommunications, Media and Technology (TMT) organizations experience constant growth in carbon emission, as the importance of access to content and the ability to communicate increases worldwide.

  • The contribution of the IT sector to humanity’s carbon footprint represents 3.8% of global GHG emissions (EcoAct 2020 Sustainability Performance Report). With global data traffic expected to grow around 60% per year, the industry’s share will grow further unless investments in energy efficiency and renewables can offset the effect. (Source: bcg)
  • With streaming platforms ever hungry for content, demand for TV and film production is set to increase at a phenomenal rate. The rate of increase is such that by 2022, video viewing will account for 82% of all internet traffic.

Digitalization enabling decarbonization

Telecoms, Media and Technology organizations have opportunities to use digital technologies to recognize the importance of timely and data-driven net zero strategies and decision making, decarbonize their own operations and supply chains while supporting the sustainability goals of other industries. In partnership with governments, public agencies, supply chains and communities, we have a vital role in helping shift public awareness and behavior towards a more innovative, inclusive and green society.

Achieve net-zero with Atos

Calculating carbon footprints is not rocket science, but it does demand a sufficient understanding of the technology itself to give accurate results.

As a leader in decarbonized digital and a founding member of the European Green Digital Coalition, Atos has strengthened its net zero digital solutions and expertise with highly specialized skills from EcoAct, an Atos company. Together, we provide innovative and practical solutions for Telecoms, Media and Technology organizations on achieving their climate change goals and become a champion in net-zero.

The Atos Decarbonization Center of Excellence is available to guide Telecom, Media and Technology organizations through four phases to address climate change and reduce carbon in core digital and business processes.

Why choose Atos Decarbonization services?

Atos ranked Number 1 in the IT and software services sector by the Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes (DJSI) World and Europe indexes in 2020

Atos is named on CDP ‘A List’ for leading efforts against climate change in 2020

Atos is awarded Platinum by EcoVadis for its outstanding CSR performance in 2020

Atos ranks among the top 4% of companies in its industry in Morgan Stanley Capital International’s (MSCI) Environment Social Governance rating in 2020

Transform your business & your net zero journey

Net Zero: Assessment & Strategy

Determine your net zero strategy through accurate awareness of your current carbon maturity and an agreed target that is ambitious and achievement.

Specialists from our TMT industry and climate change consulting teams conduct a series of high-participation deep–dive workshops to analyze your current climate maturity across all activities to establish a baseline against which you will track your progress. Analysis delivers intelligent and achievable targets for your pathway to net-zero.

Net Zero: Green Architecture Design

How TMT organizations use and manage IT is an area of critical decarbonization focus.

With partners, we support you to minimize your digital footprint by optimizing your IT architecture design with advanced technology solutions and processes such as network virtualization, data center modernization and cloudification.

Net-zero: Operation & Execution

Enable more carbon-friendly operations to use and manage your digital efficiently

Our experts work with your own process and operational teams to design and implement specific programs maximizing your organization’s energy efficiency through our smart cell solutions, including digitalization and energy management, digital twin and IoT, and energy contract rationalization.

Net-zero: carbon offsetting services

Innovative and efficient carbon finance: Cutting-edge technology combined with improved access to enhance project climate and socio-economic impacts.

Specialists from our TMT industry and climate change consulting teams offer you a fully managed carbon offsetting service. We will accurately calculate all residual carbon emissions and then manage the day-to-day processes for offsetting.

Decarbonization Level Agreement

Embark a carbon reduction commitment through our Decarbonization Level Agreement that is:

  • Measurable – Commitment to reduce carbon from 10% to 25% over standard Digital Workplace, Cloud, Infrastructure Data management contracts
  • Binding – Atos will offset the CO2 not reduced aligned to the contract, thanks to carbon compensation services offered by EcoAct
  • Auditable – External 3rd party auditor monitors carbon and energy figures within the contract every year

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Digital decarbonization improves efficiency, reduces costs and drives innovation to achieve success.

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EcoAct drives the new pan-industry Eco Rating scheme for mobile phones

EcoAct, an Atos company, works together with Deutsche Telekom, Orange, Telefónica, Telia Company and Vodafone on new consumer labelling to identify more sustainable mobile phones.


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Your top questions about net-zero, answered

Digitization and decarbonization will need to move forward together to ensure that digitization acts as a driver for change in the next decade and beyond.

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