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Delivering standout omnichanel customer experiences while enabling efficiency and business growth

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With a rapid large-scale migration to Salesforce, T-Mobile Netherlands made the smooth transition to a next-generation customer engagement platform to support its strategic ambition for excellent customer service and care across its business.


  • Higher rates of right-first-time responses
  • Reduces processing times from days to minutes
  • Higher staff satisfaction and shorter time to train agents

“Our customer engagement platform positions T-Mobile Netherlands to enhance the experience of our business and domestic customers at every touchpoint. Working with Atos, we’ve established strong and agile digital foundations to optimize our operations while meeting the changing needs of our customers and our business.”

Cristina Petcu, Director IT, T-Mobile Netherlands

T-Mobile Netherlands is one of the biggest Dutch telecommunications operators in the Netherlands. T-Mobile Netherlands offers its customers simple, appealing access to telecommunications services, mobile, fixed voice, internet and interactive television to consumers and businesses.

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Creating the optimal customer experience

As one of the Netherlands’ largest telecom companies, T-Mobile Netherlands is committed to leading its market with excellent omnichannel customer services and experiences.

The company is dedicated to enhancing the experience of all its customers across multiple channels – including calls, chat, email, on its website, and at its stores. Key to this is the company’s ability to leverage insights into the needs and behaviors of business and domestic customers to meet their requirements and increase cross-selling and upselling throughout the relationship lifecycle, from initial sale through to provision of service and onto customer care. In addition, the company targeted to reduce customer churn in all segments while lowering the costs of customer acquisition and retention.

T-Mobile Netherlands required a new Customer Relationship Management platform as a key enabler for meeting its sales, customer care, and cost-efficiency objectives.

With customer and product information held in different systems and formats, it was challenging to design and deliver effective campaigns and services. In response, T-Mobile Netherlands had selected Salesforce as its next-generation Customer Engagement Platform and through Netcracker, created a single historical view of each customer. Using this to automate and streamline processes while generating new insights, the company could enhance customer experiences while driving efficient product and marketing programs to increase revenue while lowering costs. Its challenge was to replace multiple legacy IT systems with Salesforce while maintaining vital business continuity for sales and customer service agents. Atos was chosen to lead the program to deliver Salesforce and achieve maximum business value for T-Mobile Netherlands.

Designing seamless end-to-end customer journeys

T-Mobile Netherlands successfully transformed from a complex multi-system landscape to its new Salesforce platform for 1,000+ customer service agents and sales advisors at three office locations and 120+ shops.

Atos worked with T-Mobile and other partners on an agile delivery program to implement the new platform, including all system development, user testing, migration, and change management activities. Working with multiple suppliers, the team ensured seamless end-to-end customer journeys and processes, from initial sale to service provision and customer care.

With detailed upfront planning to prepare the business, data for around three million customers was smoothly migrated. A custom-made interface between Salesforce and legacy systems ensured zero disruption to major sales campaigns and product development. Change management included user pilots, communication, training and support to ensure adoption of the new platform by T-Mobile sales and customer care teams.

The end-to-end cloud-based Salesforce platform incorporates Vlocity and integrates with NetCraker and the company’s enterprise systems, including Microsoft and SAP. Access to business intelligence is ensured through multi-level reporting via a data warehouse.

Unlocking 360˚ view of customers

T-Mobile is achieving its ambitions in sales and customer service and has leveraged its Salesforce platform for further business transformation.

With a single version of the truth and a 360˚ view of each customer, T-Mobile Netherlands can provide faster and easier experiences for customers and call agents, with more efficient and targeted sales and service processes and automation that reduces processing times from days to minutes. Results include:

  • Higher rates of right-first-time responses
  • Higher customer satisfaction (based on Net Promoter Score)
  • Higher productivity
  • Shorter average handling times per transaction
  • Higher staff satisfaction and shorter time to train agents


Based on its success, T-Mobile Netherlands has since leveraged the platform to:

  • Ensure continuous improvements and business transformation across sales and customer service
  • Launch its Corporate Customer Portal offering convenient self-service for small, medium and large business customers
  • Extend its next-generation customer engagement into its new merger with Tele2

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