Atos and Red Hat

Together we help enterprises evolve legacy infrastructure while creating new digital services to meet changing demands – both today and in the future.

For over 10 years, Atos and Red Hat have been delivering business value through helping advantage.

We provide the technology, skilled people, and processes to transform and accelerate the development of new digital services and applications while ensuring reliability and security are not compromised.

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Our partnership

Atos is a Red Hat Premier Partner with 2000+ skilled employees and over 1100 active certifications and accreditations in Red Hat Technologies.

Together we:

Provide the choice to change and avoid vendor lock-in.

Utilizing the core technology of OpenShift provides the freedom to move across different technologies. It’s why 95% of digital leaders see open source as strategically important.

De-risk delivery and increase business efficiencies.

Atos oversees the solution and migration based on proven methods, tools, and experience. Red Hat guarantees support for the technology.

Build an environment that allows our customers to be the first to innovate.

Red Hat brings together the best of open source technology, providing access to software that allows freedom of innovation. Our partnership includes joint investment to accelerate roadmap capabilities, giving our customers earlier access to innovations.

“Together, Red Hat and Atos aim to accelerate the adoption of DevOps and agile application development, and help transform operational capabilities to modernize applications on container technologies, deliver new microservices, and accelerate development processes.” ARUN OBEROI, EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT, GLOBAL SALES AND SERVICES, RED HAT

Our joint solutions

Atos Managed OpenShift

Atos’ comprehensive digital transformation skills and resources have been combined with Red Hat’s open source innovation to create Atos Managed OpenShift (AMOS); a cloud platform solution designed to enable global enterprises to execute large-scale migrations from legacy to open-source platforms. AMOS is a key component of the Atos OneCloud initiative.

This managed container platform unites developers and digital operation, enabling businesses to rapidly envision, build, and roll-out winning cloud-native applications to compete with digital disruptors, and deliver differentiating customer experiences.

With the integration of ATOM, the digital development platform from Atos, AMOS users can now totally re-imagine their digital experience, creating significant agility, and accelerating their time to value on large Digital Transformation initiatives. The ATOM platform employs pre-built, reusable solution building blocks enabling users to quickly develop and implement next-generation microservices-based functionality for advanced digital technology including Big Data, AI and machine learning, IoT, Blockchain, AR/VR, mobile platforms, and more.

Deliver services to market faster with greater agility

66% faster app development lifecycles

NG9-1-1 Managed Services

Fuel innovation and reduce app delivery costs to exceed customer expectation

An average of $1.29m annually per 100 developers

Create the right culture to rapidly launch new services

Respond 3x faster with 300% increase in developer productivity

Free the business from legacy IT constraints

35% less digital staff time per app

100% portability

Full portability across clouds using OpenShift’s native support of Kubernetes

Use cases

Increasing speed to market in Banking

For a big global bank, speed was of the essence. They needed to meet their customers’ demands and fend off competition from a new wave of challengers born in the cloud. Through adoption of AMOS, scaled across their global development teams, the bank was able to deliver new digital services quicker, more efficiently, and more flexibly. And through the support of the Atos DevOps Academy, a brand-new culture was fostered, helping staff work more effectively and agile.

Modernizing legacy digital and DevOps in Government

Under pressure to innovate and provide better digital services for citizens, a Government department faced a common challenge; they needed to modernize, but so many of their critical services sat on legacy applications. Atos and Red Hat helped them migrate both legacy apps and traditional development methodologies to AMOS, creating an agile DevOps practice without compromising on security.

Moving workloads from old legacy platforms to OpenShift

Moving applications, code, and data from legacy platforms requires specialist skills and experience. SyntBots Cloud Lifecycle Management automation tools underpin our expertise, reducing application analysis time by 90% and cutting code remediation efforts by 50%. The result is a significant improvement in quality and consistency, helping organizations move away from legacy assets and implement new, open source architecture, in half the time.

AMOS has been enhanced with tools from SyntBots that automate repetitive manual processes, free up critical staff for higher value work, and deliver the integrated processes, improved quality, and increased agility needed to move applications and workloads to OpenShift.

Rapid adoption of new technology is also supported by ATOM, the digital development platform from Atos. ATOM uses pre-built building blocks to develop the microservices-based functionality needed to integrate advanced digital technology, essential as businesses move away from legacy platforms, systems and processes.


Enabling microservices

Many large enterprises are faced with inflexible, monolithic infrastructures, often as a result of rapid growth or multiple mergers and acquisition. As a result, they are left with ‘technical debt’, both within the infrastructure itself as well as applications, which impacts agility and slows development down. By containerizing and moving to a microservices architecture, enterprises can leverage that debt, increasing business agility, and turning applications into fully scalable assets capable of rapidly supporting new business requirements.

OpenShift provides the foundation for moving critical applications to a microservices architecture and containerization. These modernized Cloud-native applications will benefit from increased flexibility from a multi-cloud ecosystem, as well as extending data processing to EDGE computing.

Proof point:

Atos’ dedicated specialist Sports and Major Events division supplies critical digital services and solutions for high profile events including large sporting events. To give them the agility they need to support such complex events, they have re-built their applications on a microservices architecture on multi-cloud.

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