Business Transformation Services (BTS) for Utilities

Real transformation for the new digital world

Become a high-performing profitable market leader by embracing the new digital world and transforming your business.

Business Transformation Services (BTS) for Utilities


It’s a fact that there is large-scale disruption taking place in utilities. From recently engaging with a number of utilities organisations, we know that changes in customer expectations, modifications to regulatory and political policies, ageing infrastructure, micro-grids and new, agile entrants into the market are all having an impact.

Competitive pressure is mounting with new market entrants providing single or multi-utility services. There is an urgent need to minimise losses within costly, ageing infrastructure.

At Atos, we turn this disruption into opportunity. We bring real digital transformation to organisations. As your trusted Business Transformation Services (BTS) partner, we fundamentally understand your industry and have a world-leading legacy of driving digital transformation.

of consumers are open to trying new digital services from utilities providers*

*Demanding Digital for Utilities – Market Research Report

Why Choose Atos

At Atos, we bring real transformation to the heart of your business. We make organisational change happen. In partnership with our clients, we transform the business to revolutionise customer experience, inspire and engage employees, and reduce operational cost.

We are committed to the utilities sector: our talented team comes with a strong heritage in UK utilities and digital transformation. We believe in constant forward momentum through innovation and improvement by tapping into worldwide best practices across industry segments.

We are accountable, transparent and believe in doing the right thing for our customers.

Customer First

We put the end-customer at the heart of the organisation. We look at how customers would like to interact with the organisation and design operations based on the ultimate aim of making the organisation ‘easier to do business with’.

Automation First

We apply an automation-first strategy and leverage emerging Robotic Process Automation and cognitive innovation to digitalise processes. This drives greater efficiencies, responsiveness and productivity, releasing employees to undertake more customer-facing jobs and improving customer service without the need for more resources.

Holistic Transformation

We focus on holistic transformation rather than selling you products and automating disparate systems.

Committed to UK Utilities Industry

We are one of the few Systems Integrators that continues to invest in UK utilities partnerships and innovation with €300 million in R&D across 15 centres.

Working in partnership with Aegon to put the client at the heart – Case Study

Aegon needed a proven digital transformational partner to rapidly deliver a seamless and intuitive customer journey whilst optimising key background systems. And in July 2016, Aegon chose leading business transformation provider Atos, following a rigorous, competitive supplier selection process.

This case study gives an overview of the technologies and initiatives introduced during Atos and Aegon’s partnership to put customer experience and knowledge at the heart of Aegon’s operations.

View our Aegon Case Study

Opening up new possibilities through operational and digital transformation

We understand that it is a challenging time for utility providers. Regulatory pressures are greater than ever and the rise of the digital consumer is causing even greater disruption across the market.

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