New digital horizons in utilities – Positioning paper


It’s transformation time

The utility sector is undergoing massive and permanent change from every perspective.

More has happened to redefine the way utilities operate and the way they engage with their customers in the last five years than in the last fifty.

We are witnessing the accelerated emergence of renewables as a viable and essential alternative to fossil fuels. Closely tied to renewables, we see the rise of the decentralized grid, in which local generation can be managed to offset central production. This has major implications not just for operations but also for the utilities’ commercial models. The changes occurring in the utility sector are massively connected and data-driven.

As your partner in digital transformation, Atos builds on experience that spans the utility value chain as it evolves from the static centralized model of the past to the dynamic and decentralized model that shapes the industry today.

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New digital horizons in utilities – Positioning Paper

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