Digital Vision for Energy and Utilities

Powering a new era

Utility consumers or prosumers?


How 360° digital experiences
will turn utility customers
from passive commodity users
into active ‘prosumers’

Unprecedented disruption and opportunity

Today’s energy and utilities companies face significant operational and competitive challenges. Market dynamics, new energy sources and the rapid emergence of innovative technologies are disrupting the landscape. Yet while these shifts bring huge demands, there are also major opportunities for differentiation and growth. Our Digital Vision for Energy and Utilities explores how companies can harness digital technologies to better understand their customers, achieve operational excellence and become key players in connected ecosystems in which businesses and citizens can thrive.

Franck Chevalley, Chief Executive Officer, Atos Worldgrid

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Digital Vision for Energy and Utilities

Powering a new era

Amid profound and rapid change across the industry, this paper explores the potential of digital transformation to help energy and utilities companies power a new era for the industry, and for UK businesses and homes.

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Key topics – Digital Vision for Energy and Utilities

Transforming to compete

How enterprises in different parts of the sector are embracing digital transformation. Where are the priorities and what are the results?

Market outlook

Energy and utilities companies have always had to evolve and adapt. What’s new in today’s market outlook are the pervasive effects of digital technologies.

Intelligent homes

Smart devices are converging with new regulatory requirements to open up consumer markets. So how will supply and demand work in the hyper-connected world?

Digital radar

From analytics and the Internet of Things, to Blockchain and prescriptive cyber security, where are the digital game-changers for energy and utilities companies?

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Press Release

Advances in technology giving power to energy customers, says Atos

Energy and utility providers will face increasing challenges as advances in consumer technology are embraced, says Atos, a global leader in digital transformation, in its latest opinion paper Digital Vision for Energy and Utilities.


Digital Vision for Energy and Utilities: Animation

This short animation outlines some of the key topics covered in Our Digital Vision for Energy and Utilities


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Adrian Gregory
Chief Executive Officer, Atos UK & Ireland

Franck Chevalley
Chief Executive Officer, Atos Worldgrid

Richard Barton
Strategic Sales, Atos UK & Ireland

Will Rattray
Head of Energy, Utilities and Construction, Unify, Atos Collaboration Solutions

Chris Poole
Solutions Director, Business Transformation Services, Atos UK & Ireland

Paul Hingley
Business Manager Data Services, Siemens, Great Britain & Ireland

Paul Nickson
Digital Transformation Director, British Gas

Celestino Guemes Seoane
Head of R&D, Atos Worldgrid Spain

Iain Fry
Chief Information Officer, Anglian Water

Neil Holland
Vice President, Energy & Utilities, UK & Ireland

Ivo Luijendik
Industry Director, Blockchain and Codex, Atos

Angela Seeney
Executive Director for Transformation, Sellafield Ltd.

Teodora Kaneva
Programme Manager, SmarterUK Smart Energy & Utilities and IoT

Neil Snelling
Business Development Manager, Atos UK & Ireland

Roberta Bigliani
Vice President, Head of Energy, Government and Health Insights – IDC EMEA

Jim Darragh
Chief Executive Officer, Totalmobile

Neil Holland, Vice President, Energy and Utilities, UK & Ireland