Integrated and data-driven

Sustainable, fluid and stress free cost-effective transport systems are now data-driven.

Digital transformation is the key to sustainable success in transport


For public and private transport systems, for people and goods, from the point of departure to the destination – digital transformation is now a clear business imperative.

Whether you are looking at the challenges of integrated transport systems in our increasingly congested cities or the journey experience for the international traveller, the way in which you turn data to actionable benefit is critical.

As an experienced innovator in transport, Atos is ready to help you reap the benefit of the new digital landscape. We will help you engage with travellers from the moment they begin to think about their journey; we will help you gain unprecedented operational insight; and we will ensure an unrelenting focus on digital security.

By 2020, transport companies will spend almost $39 billion on new intelligence systems.

The Transportation Market


Reshaping the transportation market

Video statement for the website of Philippe Miltin on the transportation market and the Atos recommendations.

Customer transformation challenges

Separation dash


Look at digital transformation in transport from four perspectives.

Customer experience

How can digital engagement make journeys easy and stress free?

Operational excellence

Can you increase agility and reduce cost through more extensive integration across the transport eco-system?

Business reinvention

Need to find new business opportunities and alliances?

Trust and compliance

How do you ensure physical and digital security for your customers and staff in an increasingly connected world?

What our clients say about us

Transport for London names Atos as Primary Service Desk contractor

“Transport for London promised we were going to transform the way we provide our Information Management services to our business and ultimately our customers. Atos provided a compelling bid and their approach complemented our transformation plan, making them the ideal partner to help take our plans forward.”

Steve Townsend, Chief Information Officer for TfL


View our Transport for London press release

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