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Increase fleet performance, reduce emissions & costs

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Gain full visibility of vessel performance and insight into your fleet operations

Are you ready to use your valuable data to take your vessel company to the next level, leveraging IoT to its full potential?

IoT (Internet of Things) is a driver in cost reduction by scaling down maintenance costs, reducing technical downtime, and decreasing fuel consumption. IoT also enables new business models and opens up new value streams, as well as improves quality and efficiency of logistics. Tracking data from the engine and fuel rooms optimizes vessel performance, saves money in the long term, and reduces the CO2 emissions.

From the perspective of enterprises within maritime transport, this all means significantly improving the margin by lowering costs and optimizing operations, while making a positive impact on the planet.

“While the well-known benefits of increased transparency and a more level playing field appeal to enterprises across the shipping world, including manufacturers, ports and shipping operators, Atos’ role primarily comes through facilitating adoption and overcoming the human barriers, such as lack of trust in the technology and uncertainty around data-sharing.”

Source: Technology Business Research, Inc.,
Patrick Heffernan, Practice Manager and Principal Analyst, 07.15.20.

Optimizing logistics with IoT in maritime transport

Remote connectivity

Edge computers collect data and transmit to the cloud for real-time data analytics

Predictive maintenance

Automate maintenance planning and scheduling, enable improved accuracy and response times and improve the productivity and time estimation of technicians.

Cost reduction

Reduce fuel, operational, and maintenance costs


Accelerate emissions reduction and accurate environmental reporting for greener shipping

Why choose Atos as your IoT partner?

Whether you want to boost the efficiency of your operations, improve operational control, increase the maintenance reliability or simply optimize the operational costs – Atos has the skills, products and platforms to guide you on every step of the way, as well as industry knowledge and experience with the maritime transport industry.

Smart Business Enablement

Strategic business and technical consultancy.

IoT Platforms and Products

Integrating IoT with your systems, processes and people.

Managed IoT

Providing end-to-end control and predictable service levels for your complete IoT landscape.

IoT Security

Comprehensive IoT solutions to secure your IoT ecosystem on every level.

Smart Connected Vessels

Better understand the technical status of each vessel, predict maintenance operations, benchmark fuel consumption and optimize turnaround time thanks to an innovative open ecosystem established by a leading maritime vessel operator, Atos and Siemens.

“Atos helps cargo screeners operate more efficiently and with fewer random checks by scanning containers with X-ray machines and using AI to match the images to the manifests.”

Source: Technology Business Research, Inc.,
Patrick Heffernan, Practice Manager and Principal Analyst, 07.15.20.

Atos named a Leader in IoT Services by global analyst firm NelsonHall

Atos positioned as a Leader in Customer Experience, New Business Models, Efficiency Improvement, Offerings Enhancement.

Positioned as Leader in Everest Group Peak Matrix for IoT Services 2019

Based on strong in-house assets and a robust partnership ecosystem.

Recognized as Challenger in the 2018 Magic Quadrant for Data & Analytics Service Providers

Based on ‘completeness of vision’ and ‘ability to execute’.


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