Industry 4.0 and the Industrial Internet of Things

Digital transformation for connected manufacturing

Exploring practical pathways to new industrial and business models.

The Internet-of-Things and Industry 4.0 are set to create trillions in value.


Industry 4.0 is at the heart of digital transformation for every enterprise. Its goal: creating value from insight generated by connected assets throughout the product lifecycle, manufacturing and supply chain.

Interaction between machines, products, people, processes and enterprises triggers positive change at every level. Now, you can unleash this formidable opportunity for competitiveness and growth.

As a transformation partner, Atos reveals both the most direct route to Industry 4.0 and a clearly articulated profile of benefits.

From linear process to massive connectivity in smart manufacturing

With Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things, you can reinvent your business models, the way you operate and the services you provide to your B2B and B2C customers.

As a leader in Digital Transformation, Atos has built a unique Industry 4.0 transformation offering. Clear use cases reflect the real-world of manufacturing – for automotive, for pharma, aerospace, CPG and more

Process knowledge

Atos knows manufacturing processes and partners with Siemens for even greater manufacturing depth.

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Analytics capacity

Atos offers advanced analytics to measure the benefit of Industry 4.0 initiatives.

Industry 4.0 exploration

Industry 4.0 pilot factory

The industry 4.0 pilot factory from the TU Vienna promotes joint solution development and research with your customers and partners.

Innovation radar

Atos continually integrates new digitally-enabled technologies, such as additive manufacturing, into the model.

Practical transition to Industry 4.0

Atos offers a phased approach to Industry 4.0 transformation, across customer-driven product lifecycles, integrated enterprise management and orchestration, and optimized supply chains. We follow initial exploration of opportunity analysis with practical prototyping and piloting activities – enabling you to evaluate results with minimum risk and investment.

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