Digital Vision for Mobility


Digital Vision for Mobility: on the trail of the evolution of transport services

From Mobility as a Service to autonomous vehicles and smart motorways, our Digital Vision for Mobility animation takes you on a tour of the opportunities and challenges facing users and operators in this rapidly evolving space.

More change is now underway across the transport and logistics industry than at any time since the invention of the combustion engine. From vastly increased computing power to the emergence of more personalized and demand-responsive services, transport operators and logistics companies must be able to transform in order to remain competitive and meet safety, capacity and reliability demands.

This short animation outlines some of the key topics covered in the Digital Vision for Mobility, which provides a thought-provoking view of the digital revolution that is transforming the transport and logistics markets, forcing the creation of new business models, disrupting trends in personal mobility and reshaping global supply chains.

Sunil Munsif, Vice President & Sales Director – Transport, Atos UK&I