Decarbonizing retail, hospitality, transportation and logistics

Full-scope sustainability across production, supply, sales and fulfilment

Atos decarbonization solutions

As pressure from investors, consumers and employees mounts, retail giants are targeting sustainability — and beyond — with big commitments to restore land and water resources. This applies across their supply chains, and into the transportation and logistics industries.

Net-zero is a state where we add no incremental greenhouse gases to the atmosphere. This means achieving a balance between carbon emissions and carbon sinks through a combination of significant emissions reduction and carbon sequestration.

Our decarbonization solutions have helped retail, hospitality, transportation and logistics organizations achieve:


Fuel reduction in container ships


Lower energy usage in retail stores

1.4 million

IoT and AI-enabled vending machines connected

The path to net-zero

We help enterprises decarbonize operations and supply chains around the world, from initial assessment to digital and business process optimization. We can also work with you outside of your organization to offset the carbon you haven’t yet removed from your own footprint.

Atos leverages more than 30 years of experience in the retail, hospitality, transportation and logistics industries. Our clients span food and grocery, restaurants and hospitality, fashion and luxury, nonfood retail, infrastructure, logistics, last-mile and freight, ground transportation and air traffic.

We deliver next-generation shopping experiences with advanced customer experience, omnichannel and data-driven personalization. In transportation and logistics, we reduce costs and emissions, increase transparency and compliance, and decarbonize supply and delivery chains thanks to last-mile delivery and intelligent supply chain solutions.

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Decarbonization Advisory:
From A to Zero

  • Climate strategy audit
  • Science-based target setting with a tailored emissions-reduction plan
  • Offsetting strategy and selection of a tailored portfolio of certified carbon-offset credits
  • Climate-scenario analysis of risks and opportunities, with value-chain resilience assessment
  • Communication about your actions and engagement with internal and external stakeholders

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Decarbonize your business

  • AI-based analysis of energy consumption behaviors
  • Digital workplace solutions to support home-based working
  • Offsetting emissions through certified carbon credits
  • Maturity evaluation and benchmarking for carbon footprint of existing IT/OT infrastructure
  • A structured roadmap that presents actions and defines how to measure progress

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Smart Connected Vessels

Optimize your maritime fleet operations and vessel performance using IoT. Our Smart Connected Vessels solution enables:

  • Remote connectivity
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Cost reduction
  • Decarbonization

Additional related services include:

  • Strategic business and technical consulting
  • Managed IoT services
  • IoT platform and product integration
  • IoT security

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Intelligent Supply Chain

Boost visibility and reliability with integrated, intelligent logistics 4.0.

With Intelligent Supply Chain solutions by Atos and Siemens, you can, for example:

  • Track your logistics operations with precise ETA
  • Optimize routes
  • Forecast production demand
  • Simulate complex supply networks

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Client outcomes


Atos and the Port of Esbjerg start joint decarbonization project for a Carbon Neutral Harbour

“Having a weighted approach to the various transport modes and route possibilities is an important challenge in reducing the carbon footprint whilst at the same time considering hinterland, port and sea in the planning. The trimodal solution in partnership with Atos will be instrumental in achieving carbon neutrality for the Port of Esbjerg and with an integrated system across the available transport networks in Europe it will also grant better transparency on transport modes and save costs.” – Dennis Jul Pedersen, CEO of the Port of Esbjerg

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Global shipping company reduced fuel consumption by 7%

If you’re managing a fleet, you’re managing data with AI, machine learning, edge computing and IoT. It can be up in the air, under water, over the road or on the rails — and frequently outside of network range. Our smart connected solutions make it possible.

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Retailer cut electricity usage by 17% and gas usage by 6%

UK luxury fashion retailer Harvey Nichols ran a pilot energy management program with EcoAct, an Atos company. In the first 12 months, more than 100% of Harvey Nichols’ investment was returned by the project.

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