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Paving the way to multimodal transportation services

Revolutions ahead

The last 100 years have brought multiple innovations to the transport industry. Each day, a billion people take a car, bus or subway, around 11 million passengers fly and nearly 200 million parcels are delivered.

But major changes are on the way. Everywhere, new entrants are challenging existing transport practices. Online providers leverage mobile to create new relationships with travelers. Marketplaces exploit peer-to-peer to move from a world of vehicle possession to one based on usage. New players use the power of real-time data to offer personalized door-to-door travel and logistics services.

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“Transportation is undergoing major disruption. To succeed, established players will not only need to fight their traditional competitors but also adapt to fast-changing ecosystems, repositioning themselves in customer-centric, multimodal value chains.”

Theo Quick

Vice President, Transportation & Hospitality, Atos

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