Multi network voice dispatching system

The unified Command Control and Communication solution

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Public safety, energy, transportation and security organizations – all these entities are facing the challenge of managing their operational fleets at the highest level of security, reliability and effectiveness, regardless of the network technology used. However, meeting this challenge is possible only when a state-of-the-art control center is used which enables these highly-complex operations.

Atos IFDS is a comprehensive, feature-rich, highly reliable and scalable command, control and communication solution. It is also customizable for all industries with critical communication tasks, as for instance the public sector, transportation and industrial environments.

The Atos’ Billing for GSM-R solution enables GSM-R providers to flexibly bill and rate the entire communication within their networks and also facilitates smooth integration of multiple network elements.

The challenge

A control center has to provide a vast number of features to make the dispatching process as efficient as possible, give the operator intuitive access to all the necessary information and functionalities and be easy to operate.

Communication between the control center and field staff has to be reliable and always guarantee the required level of security.

The solution

Atos’ Integrated Fixed Dispatching System (IFDS) is a cutting-edge multi-network C3 (command, control, communication) platform. It easily integrates all network technologies and combines them with a fully integrated Automatic Vehicle Location System (AVLS) as well as user-friendly geo-fencing features.
With IFDS, calls to different networks, such as TETRA, GSM-R, PBX, VHF, UHF or analog networks, can be easily initiated in one step. And in just one more step users can be joined together in a conference call by means of a graphical user interface that supports modern touch screens.

Single seamless interface to all communication systems

IFDS is scalable and can be adapted to suit any control environment no matter what the size. It offers a simple, yet powerful interface that focuses on delivering maximum functionality in minimum time.

IFDS Automatic Vehicle/Person Location Service (AVLSS/APLS)

Fully-integrated part of the C3 solution, delivering a clutter-free situational overview to increase the overall awareness level. Action calls to any of the resources displayed on the map screen can be initiated by touching it.

Graphical User Interface (operation client) – intuitive and easy to use

A direct, intuitive and user-friendly GUI that supports modern touch screens.

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