Boosting the Welsh economy through the power of supercomputing


As an HPC centre of excellence, Supercomputing Wales facilitates world-class research at Welsh universities and is internationally recognised across academia, industry and government

Supercomputing is everywhere, changing the world we live in for the better. Helping to develop medicines, personalise healthcare, design cars, generate finer-grained weather forecasts and mitigate climate change: the extreme power of supercomputers makes all of these technological advances possible. As the world faces continued pressure across many areas of society and the environment, supercomputers will continue to play an ever more important role in determining the future.

Forefront of world-class research

It is vital that universities in Wales, being at the forefront of ground-breaking, world-class research, can take advantage of the transformative power that High Performance Computing (HPC) and data analytics can bring.

A powerful alliance of market leaders

Supercomputing Wales has two supercomputer hubs based at Cardiff and Swansea universities, with research teams across the consortium universities accessing the facilities. Together, the hubs represent a full suite of HPC and High Performance Data Analytics (HPDA) hardware and software. The programme brings together the expertise, experience and dedication of global partners, Atos and Dell EMC, to create Wales’ first Supercomputing Centre of Excellence.

Developing supercomputing expertise in Wales

In order to develop the existing expertise in Wales, the right training and development needs to take place. Atos helps further the professional development of the highly-skilled workers at Supercomputing Wales by supporting PhD students, providing technical training, and facilitating new relationships.

Boosting the Welsh economy through the power of supercomputing

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