Digital Vision for Supercomputing & Big Data

Reinventing our world through data

Data is the new currency


Why no business can afford to underestimate the value of its data

The Age of Data

We are at the dawning of the Age of Data. A staggering 90% of the world’s data was created in the last two years. As this proliferation continues, the challenge for any organisation is how to turn data into tangible advantage. These are exhilarating times; becoming truly data-driven is perhaps our most definitive step into the digital age. In our Digital Vision for Supercomputing & Big Data, we explore the implications for organisations and what lies ahead.

Gavin Thomson, Senior Vice President, Big Data & Security UK&I, Scotland, Ireland and Wales, Atos

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Digital Vision for Supercomputing & Big Data

Reinventing our world through data

Why Supercomputing and Big Data should be on every leader’s radar, what being data-driven means, and how to achieve it.

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Key topics – Digital Vision for Supercomputing and Big Data

Unmissable developments in Supercomputing and Big Data

New technologies are converging and becoming more accessible at an unprecedented rate. This means that advances in computing power, green computing, analytics, virtual reality and quantum computing bring major opportunities.

Where to start your data-driven journey

The potential of data to deliver better outcomes and new opportunities is almost limitless. But where can organisations start, where are the pitfalls and what are the factors for success?

Harnessing data to transform results

How powerful technologies and innovation are enabling the capture and analysis of growing volumes of data to address key challenges in health, research, manufacturing, sport, public services and other sectors.

What’s next for the UK?

With £241 billion to be added to the GDP by 2020 through Big Data1, what are the enablers for UK organisations to monetise data and what technologies are on the horizon?

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Adrian Gregory
Chief Executive Officer, Atos UK&I

Gavin Thomson
Senior Vice President, Big Data & Security UK&I, Scotland, Ireland and Wales, Atos

Alan Grogan
Head of Data, Analytics and Business Intelligence, Business & Platform Solutions, Atos UK&I

Russ Cosentino
Co-founder and VP, Zoomdata

Prof Stephen Jarvis
Head of Department, Computer Science, University of Warwick and member of the Alan Turing Institute Programme Committee

Jean-Christophe Spilmont
Head of Strategy & Portfolio, Big Data & Security, Atos

Robin Zondag
Global Head of Analytics Consulting, Business & Platform Solutions, Atos

Jim Henrys
Director of Business Solutions and Digital Transformation, Intel

Tony O’Donnell
Partner, Cambium LLP

Crispin Keable
Distinguished Expert for HPC, Atos

Andy Grant
Vice President – HPC & Big Data, Atos UK&I

Frederik Kerling
MSc. Senior Quantum Expert, Business & Platform Solutions, Atos

Thierry Breton
Chairman and CEO, Atos until October 31, 2019

Jean-Marc Denis
Distinguished Expert, Head of Strategy, Big Data, Atos

Zeina Zakhour
Global Chief Technology Officer, Cyber Security, Atos

Deborah Dillon
Lead Auditor, Business & Platform Solutions, Atos UK&I

Natalia Jimenez Lozano
PhD Life Sciences Business Development Manager, Atos UK&I

Dr Kevin Ashelford
Lead Bioinformatician, Wales Gene Park

Dr Robin Pinning
Chief Technology Officer, Hartree Centre

Ed Stephens
Pre-Sales Engineer, Big Data & Security, Atos UK&I

Phil Aitchison
Chief Operating Officer, Big Data & Security, UK&I

Lynn Dwyer
Head of Business Development, Virtual Engineering Centre

Prof Tony Hey
CBE FREng STFC Chief Data Scientist & Joint Chair, UK E-infrastructure Leadership Council

Julian David
Chief Executive Officer, techUK

Sue Daley
Head of Programme for Cloud, Data, Analytics & AI, techUK

Kulveer Ranger
SVP, Head of Strategy, Marketing, Comms & Public Affairs, Northern Europe & APAC


Andy Grant, Vice President – HPC & Big Data, Freephone: 0800 783 3040