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Delivering public services that will meet the Government’s twin aims of cost-cutting and making citizens’ lives easier and better.

Public sector BPS


The public sector faces huge pressures as it seeks out new ways of delivering public services that will meet the Government’s twin aims of cost-cutting and making citizens’ lives easier and better. Dynamic and lasting customer-centric change is needed, but dealing with legacy systems, the need to digitise and the introduction of self-service & ‘channel shift’ all make the challenge even greater.

Atos Business Process Services (BPS) for the Public Sector operates in a truly customer-centric manner, putting our government department clients – and their customers (the citizens themselves) – at the heart of everything we do. We actively seek out partnerships with departments where we can look for and collaborate on mutually positive outcomes – higher levels of citizen engagement and satisfaction, together with back-office savings and efficiencies – and share the risk.

By going digital by default, the government could save between £1.7 and £1.8 billion each year.*

*Government Digital Strategy: December 2013

Why choose Atos for public sector BPS?

Providing functional support to reduce costs or increase efficiency isn’t enough when tackling the problem of reducing public spending. Atos actively seeks a partnership with our public sector clients where we work together to identify needs and goals and look for positive outcomes and shared risks.

We start with citizen insight

Through our Customer Experience (CX) Lab, we use agile ‘test and learn’ methods to better understand our customers’ requirements. And through our Employee Experience (EX) Lab, we involve employees in changing service delivery to better meet customer and employee needs.

Intelligent automation for better services

We leverage emerging Robotic Process Automation and cognitive innovation to digitise organisation processes and drive greater efficiencies, responsiveness and productivity releasing employees to more customer-facing, improving customer service without the need for more resources.

Locating services close to citizens

Our limited off-shore BPS delivery heritage enables us to deliver greater collaboration, savings incentives and outcomes through onshore-delivered intelligent automation.

Saving costs and improving productivity

Atos BPS has delivered £530m in cost savings to the tax payer through its contract with NS&I and improved productivity by over 400%

Atos and NS&I together pioneering business transformation – Case Study

‘Our outsourcing model has transformed our business into a modern and relevant financial services provider backed up by an operating model that is efficient and robust. The scale and complexity of the change achieved has been extensive yet we have delivered this transformation over the years through an effective partnership that seeks to innovate while maintaining service excellence.’

Mark Keene
Acting Director, Partnership, NS&I

View our NS&I Case Study

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